Published 03/28/2023 by Missy Johnston

Are you looking for a unique gift for mom this year? We all want to show our moms how much we love them and appreciate everything they do. If your mom puts others before herself,  Mother's Day is perfect for giving her something extra special. Moms will always be number one in our eyes. So here are our top gifts for Mother's Day to moms who only deserve the best! You'll find stylish, meaningful gifts and, most importantly, show mom how special she is. 

Send Her Flowers with Timeless Floral Jewelry

Moms love getting flowers on Mother's Day, but flowers eventually wilt. So instead, give her flowers to wear on her wrists that she will cherish forever. Floral jewelry is popular this year and perfect to wear as temperatures rise. To bring floral color to her jewelry, luscious gemstones will brighten her day like a bouquet. If her favorite flower is a rose, she will love deep red rubies. For moms to rock red gems, read our style guide to red jewelry. Does she favor tulips? Try jewelry in shades of sunny yellow, blushing pink or royal purple. Tell your mom to read our article about styling purple jewelry! If she loves wildflowers, we have jewelry with any rainbow color.

Show Her Some Love with Bright and Shining Heart Jewelry

Telling your mom that you love her is excellent, but she can't carry that with her. So, give her a piece of your heart on a chain. Jewelry with hearts is super-in style; she will always think of you when she wears it. Whether your mom prefers everyday all-metal jewelry or dressed-to-the-nines jewelry with gemstones, she will be tickled pink to have meaningful gifts from the heart.


Write Her a Letter with Personalized Pendant Necklaces

Another way to tell your mom how much you care is by writing a letter. She can keep a letter forever, but the paper could tear. How about a personalized pendant? Necklaces and pendants are easy to incorporate into her everyday style. Read our article to discover the power of pendants! By choosing her initials, she will have a daily reminder of you with this thoughtful gift. You can also select another symbol that means something to her. For example, necklaces with a "mom" or family motif will let everyone know she's a proud mom. 


Give Her a Box of Candy with a Rainbow of Color Gemstone Jewelry

Chocolate melts, but jewelry will last a lifetime. If your mom loves sweets, satisfy her sweet tooth with color gemstone jewelry. These rainbow-colored accessories will curb her cravings and brighten her day. With colors from vibrant pink, outstanding orange, yummy yellow and luscious purple, these tangy, tart and savory gemstones will be her next candy crush. Plus, she won't complain about her pants getting tight!

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