Published 11/16/2020 by Bethany Milsom

Listen - if you don't have a variety of earrings to choose from in your jewelry box, then you're doing this whole jewelry thing wrong. Earrings make or break your outfit, so its important to always have an army of styles to choose from. Check out our list of the nine earring styles you need to keep your outfits looking fresh!

Teardrop Earrings

Show off your daring side with teardrop earrings! Teardrop earrings hang low off your earlobe - similar to dangle earrings. To set off this empowering piece, a stone or decoration shaped like a teardrop dangles off the piece - symbolizing the journey we take together through our tears. Teardrop earrings are often seen as more elegant than the standard stud or other styles, so if you’re thinking about stepping up your look, consider teardrop! 

Teardrop Earrings and Various Rings

Halo Earrings

If you’re looking to radiate light, then halo earrings should be your next go-to. Halo earrings can be a symbol of significance, greatness, and power from within. Not to mention they give you an angelic look.  

Did you know halo earrings get their name from the design of the jewelry? Smaller gemstones surround a central diamond (or gemstone) to help capture light. This gives the halo earring style its vibrant, luminous look for you to enjoy!  

Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are literally designed to hug your ear! So, if you love the look of hoop earrings, but you aren’t sure about how low they hang, consider a huggie earring as an alternative. Huggie earrings can come in a variety of shapes, including hearts, circles, and rectangles. They even come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect set for you! The best part about huggie earrings? They rarely become tangled in your hair and go perfectly with any outfit.

Cluster Earrings

The cool thing about cluster earrings? Each one is unique - just like you! Cluster earrings are designed to collect assortments of different gemstones that can capture light in each facet of the stones. Wearing these beautiful constellations of gems will elevate any look for any occasion and will make you always look whimsical. 

Dangle Earrings

Never leave your outfit hanging - always dress it up with stunning dangle earrings. Dazzling dangle earrings are the perfect secret weapon to have in your jewelry collection for those special moments in life. The unique thing about dangle earrings? They are always free to move back and forth, can be any length and have endless designs. 

dangle earrings

Drop Earrings

Think of drop earrings as the happy medium between stud earrings and dangle earrings. As the name suggests, these stunning earrings drop just below the ear and can come in a variety of styles. The big difference between drop earrings and dangle earrings? Drop earrings are made with simple gemstones, beads or charms and have little to no movement when in the ear. Still, due to their size, you are never short of designs to choose from.

drop earrings and cuff bracelet

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are perfect if you’re not into bold statement pieces but still want to liven up your look and feel fresh! Studs are delicate, simple and soooo easy to wear. Usually, stud earrings consist of just a single stone or metal shape held by a single post in the earlobe - giving it simple looks that are great for dressing up or having fun. Start a collection of stud earrings to enjoy the versatility of having stud earrings for every outfit in your wardrobe!

Hoop Earrings

You’ll always be turning heads while wearing your show-stopping hoop earrings - and you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your hands on a pair! Hoop earrings are large, round earrings shaped like hoops that can be styled with any outfit. Traditionally, hoop earrings are circular, but it isn’t uncommon to find modern hoop earrings in triangles or even squares. Hoop earrings can be your everyday go-to or be used for special occasions - the choice is yours! 

Chandelier Earrings

What makes chandelier earrings so unique? Chandelier earrings are a style of dangle earrings - they have movement and hang down - but are shaped like a chandelier. Meaning the earrings have branches of metal or gemstones coming from a centerpiece to give it a more dynamic and luxurious look. We wouldn’t want to make light of something spectacular, but chandelier earrings are the upcoming trend that you need to keep your eye on. 

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