Published 09/25/2020 by Kyra Hensley

1. It’s not always easy being green, but peridot sure knows how to make it look easy.

Browsing through peridot jewelry but you're only seeing green? Don't worry, it's not a pigment of your imagination!

Peridot varies from yellow-green to a vibrant forest green. The iron content in the stone determines the color. More iron means a more olive green peridot. But no matter what shade it is, August’s classic birthstone has this unmistakable spark of vibrancy and life. 

2. Peridot is made magnificent through high pressure. 

You’ve heard people say that pressure makes diamonds. But have you ever heard people say pressure makes peridots? Well, probably not. But it’s true!

Most gemstones form in the crust of the earth. But diamonds and peridot aren’t mainstream like that. They actually form in the mantle, a high-pressure, high-heat zone right underneath the crust. It’s clear that with the weight of the world on their shoulders, pressure is what makes peridots so pretty. 

After peridot forms, it takes tectonic shifts to bring peridot up to the surface. Thank goodness for that! Otherwise, August babes might not have this gorgeous green birthstone.

3. Ever heard of green sand beaches? You can thank peridot for that.

Green sand beaches? I know what you’re thinking, but no, it’s not a joke! 

Because of olivine deposits (think peridot, but not gem quality), several beaches in the world can boast of having green sand: 

  • Floreana Island in the Galapagos
  • Talofofo Beach in Guam
  • Papakolea Beach in Hawaii
  • Hornindalsvatnet in Norway

Olivine sand eventually washed up on these beaches. And now that they are here to stay, tourists from all over the world want to come and see.

We see you jotting that down for your travel bucket list. Whether peridot is your birthstone or not, there’s no judgement here! These beaches aren’t gem quality peridot, but a picture of you relaxing on green olivine sands... that’s gonna be an instant favorite on social media for sure. 

4. Flying through the sky… it’s not a bird or a plane. It’s peridot, an out-of-this-world gemstone!

It’s not every day you find a birthstone inside a meteorite, but it can happen! Some meteorites that have fallen to earth have olivine inside. These gemstones are pallasite peridots, named after the pallasite meteorites they come from. 

If you want to buy this space gem for yourself, be careful who you buy from online. But here’s a pro tip: if you do encounter pallasite peridot in jewelry, they’re likely going to be small. The sheer force of their impact on earth breaks the formations apart into tiny pieces. So if someone is selling a large “pallasite” peridot, think twice about buying. Your bank account and your gem collection will thank you. 

5. Cleopatra and the Egyptians truly adored peridot.

It’s not just recently that peridot has been crushing it in the gemstone world. Travel back in time to ancient Egypt and you’d see a whole culture who adored precious peridot. 

Egyptian priests associated the fresh greens of peridot with Isis, a goddess of new life and healing. Because of this, they’d line goblets with peridot then drink from it. The idea was that the liquid would be infused with healing properties. 

And we can’t forget about Cleopatra. This intelligent and eloquent feminine icon had a collection of emeralds that she loved to flaunt. But it seems likely now, with modern science, that these emeralds were actually peridots! Some may think that’s a big letdown. But us? We think peridot has earned its place among royalty and as the birthstone for August.

6. Make a mental note… peridot is said to promote positive mental health.

Peridot is a cleansing stone, said to repel and push out negative emotions. Holding on to these emotions can cause you to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and not yourself. And no one wants that, right? So why not give peridot a try? 

Peridot is said to release the negative and welcome in the positive. That means the positive vibes can take their rightful place in your life. And it’s not just for those with peridot as their birthstone! Whether it’s in your heart, body or mind, peridot can turn rainy cloudy days into bright sunny days, filled to the brim with possibility.

7. Peridot works wonders for freshening up friendship, relaxation, and more.

It’s been said by many that the peridot birthstone has a connection to friendship. Since green is a peaceful color, it only makes sense that peridot would bring peace into relationships. Helping maintain friendships over time and mending broken relationships…  that's what many claim peridot can do for you. 

The soothing green of August’s birthstone is also said to encourage relaxation. Don’t we all need some hardcore relaxation after a day at the office? Soothing anger and processing thoughts and feelings are another benefit. After all, who doesn’t have those moments where they need to pause and reflect? Looking at peridot is said to encourage positive actions, instead of letting anger and bitterness rule over you. 

Doesn’t seem to get much better than that. 

8. Two other August birthstone options? Stay tuned.

If green isn’t the color for you, don’t worry. There’s two other birthstone options for August if you want to shake things up. Spinel comes in every color of the rainbow, so you can be sure that your favorite color is represented. Or if you want a stone with layers to it, try sardonyx. Far from simple, sardonyx adds intrigue to any outfit.

9. Make a splash when you give peridot to the summer birthday babes in your life.

August birthday babes, look out for this one-of-a-kind green gemstone! 

Shopping for jewelry with summer birthday vibes has never been easier. Tranquil yet energizing, giving a birthstone as a gift is the perfect pick-me-up. Especially for that special someone on their special day. 

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