Published 07/15/2022 by Holly Evans

The zodiac has been around for centuries, but it’s back and bolder than ever! A trend sparked in this decade, the zodiac is now in wearable form. From vivid and brazen gold chains with engravings to silver studded earrings, zodiacs have transformed the fashion industry. 

Mother of pearl zodiac necklaces

Minimalist jewelry with trendy and vintage inspirations, J’admire evokes feelings of wonder and pleasure.

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What does the Zodiac stand for?

The zodiac describes the alignment of the sun, the moon, and all the planets on certain months. This is said to determine one's personality and character. Therefore, you are as unique as the stars! With a rich history associated with Greece and Egypt, the zodiac is a world-renowned sensation. Zodiac jewelry is the perfect piece if you want some personalization with a twist of style.

In Your Element

Each zodiac is associated with one of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. Like the diversity in the elements, you are individual and special. Each element has the perfect piece to represent you!

zodiac birth chart

Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As one with water, you are caring, supportive, and mysterious. You know people almost more than they know themselves. You also empathize with people and the world around you. A gold ring, simplistic necklace, or a subtle stud with your zodiac are perfect for you!

Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

As one with fire, you are strong-minded, adventurous, and passionate. You know what you want and go after it. A bold and daring gold or silver necklace with hints of diamond are just the eye-catching piece a fire sign needs!

Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

As one with air, you are unpredictable, rational, and great at communication. You have dreams and aspirations that you are excited to follow. You need a conversation piece that is also mystifying. A constellation piece is the path to follow!

Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

As one with earth, you are grounded, understanding, and loyal. You are here for the long run. You need a piece of jewelry that shows your calm energy vibes. A solid gold or silver piece with a little detail is it!

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