Published 03/25/2022 by Elizabeth Benbrook

Blue is one of the world’s most well-loved colors, so it only makes sense that it’s equally adored when featured in timeless jewelry. Let’s walk through the rich history of the color blue, what blue gemstones are worth featuring in your next look, and how to style blue jewelry like the sensational sparkle it is.

Blue Color Symbolism

What’s not to love about the color blue? It is the color of the endless sky and of the tranquil sea. Since ancient times, blue has represented truth and honesty, “blue ribbon” recognition, and the upper echelons of society.

Blue is the color of hope and is perceived as a constant in our universe, so why not make it a favorite in your jewelry collection? The color blue has come to represent the positivity and possibility of a clear sky and the roaring excitement of the ocean. And we haven’t touched on one of our favorite aspects of the color blue! 

There is something universally calming about this color. Gazing into blue stones is said to soothe troubled spirits and some studies show that the color blue can lower a person’s blood pressure and respiration rate. So if you need something to give you peace of mind on the tough days, blue jewelry might be just the jewelry you need to keep your head held high. 

Embrace all the meaning that blue jewelry has to offer by bringing blue jewelry into your next look.

Blue Gemstones

Now that we’ve shown you the power of styling with blue jewelry, here’s three gemstones that display the very best of what blue has to offer. 


When you think of blue gemstones, one of the first to come to mind will likely be the sapphire. Famed and admired all through history, sapphire is a variety of corundum and is identical in composition to ruby. What separates rubies from sapphires is the coloration; rubies are red and sapphires, although typically blue, can be any other color. Blue sapphire is recognized as the birthstone for September!

One of the most well-loved varieties of blue sapphires are Kashmir sapphires. The unparalleled velvety blue of a Kashmir sapphire and its elusive nature makes it a gemstone worthy of any gemstone or jewelry collection. With a nine on the Moh’s hardness scale, all sapphires stand the test of time in jewelry. Accidental chipping could still occur, but these gemstones are the most durable out there aside from diamonds themselves. 

Blue Diamond

Speaking of diamonds, did you know that diamonds can occur naturally in colors other than pure, shining white? In fact, blue diamonds are one of the rarer types of color diamonds in nature and while blue lab-grown diamonds are created to have color, that doesn’t take away any of their shine or durability in a piece of jewelry.

If you love the color blue and you have an April birthday, why not celebrate what’s unique about you with a blue diamond as your birthstone? A stone as desirous as it is infamous, having a blue diamond is the ultimate symbol of status. When you combine the beauty and power of blue with a gemstone known for its longevity and sophistication, you’ve essentially found a gemstone that is the best of both worlds. 

Blue Topaz

Topaz comes in a range of colors, including several shades of breathtaking blues. Sky Blue topaz is a light blue topaz close to aquamarine in color while Swiss Blue is the electric, vibrant blue that will invigorate your look. Last but certainly not least, is London Blue: a darker blue full of sophistication and intrigue. 

Blue topaz is one of several birthstones for December. At an eight on the Moh’s hardness scale, you can wear topaz jewelry regularly without having to worry about wearing it out. 

Blue Jewelry Style Tips

1) Pair blue gemstone jewelry with solid metal pieces.

Gold creates a bold color contrast and sleek silver accentuates the blue tones in your jewelry, making it pop against your outfit. So when you’re rocking blue gemstone jewelry, you cannot go wrong with some solid metal jewelry in gold, sterling silver, or platinum to pull your look together. 

For example… If your blue diamond jewelry and sapphire jewelry has a gold setting, style it with gold hoops, bangle bracelets, and band rings. The gold draws the eye back to that oh-so-beautiful blue diamond pendant, making you the belle of the ball wherever you go. 

Blue and Pink Gemstone Rings

2) Make deep blue jewelry pop with bold color contrasts.

Sapphire jewelry deserves the royal treatment in your wardrobe, so let it be the crowning jewel in your next outfit. Style deep blue jewelry with a yellow sundress or a light pink blouse to create a creative collision of colors. 

3) Neutral tones are a beautiful backdrop for light blue and turquoise jewelry. 

Light blue jewelry, like sky blue topaz and turquoise, sparkle next to neutral tones like white and beige tones. Create a look that’s both relaxed and opulent like the vacation of your dreams, with the dazzling color combo of blue ocean waves alongside the warm, shimmering sands of your favorite beach getaway. 

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