Published 07/01/2022 by Olivia Rice

Need something to sweeten up your jewelry box? Don’t look any further, Jedora has your next favorite item right here. 

Candy-colored gemstones are on the list for hot new trends and are the perfect piece to add a pop of color and take your outfit to the next level. Embrace your feminine and flirty side by showing off this jewelry collection of lush colors rich in flavor.

Candy-colored gemstones are a great way to stand out and show off your personality. From many, many colors of sapphire to the dazzle of amethyst, stunning citrine and everything in between, you'll find a gemstone that matches your taste. Here, you’ll find the styles we love and be warned! You’ll be craving gumdrops, lollipops and all the sweets after seeing these divine, tasteful gems.

Multicolored sapphire ring

Innovated to bring you carefully crafted elegant designs that stand for luxury in bold pops of gemstone color.

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Pretty in Pink and Purple

You’ll want to chew some bubblegum after seeing these lovely pink gemstones!

With eye-catching rings faceted with candy-colored pink sapphire that look good enough to eat, your mouth will be watering! Rock this jewelry piece with other bright colors to stand out and turn heads, or try an all-black ‘fit to make it shine and dazzle. Try layering with simple band rings to create the perfect stacked look.

For more style tips, check out our pink jewelry style article. One thing we know for certain is that you will feel sugary and sweet when you adorn yourself with pink gemstone jewelry

Stick to sweet purple jewelry for a more chill and chic look. A light purple or dark purple gemstone will have your sweet tooth side wanting even more. Pair a silver bangle faceted with beautiful purple gemstones (like amethyst or purple sapphire) with a fun outfit to tie your look all together, or wear these fun and bright purple lucite hoop earrings with a simple outfit as a statement piece.

Delicious and luscious, you can’t go wrong with styling purple gemstone jewelry in your next look!

Gourmet Green Gemstones

Green jewelry are goodies just waiting to be worn by you!

An emerald or green sapphire necklace is the perfect way to make your look pop and it is the ideal statement jewelry. The bright green color from the emerald gem will be sure to draw attention. When you wear green gemstone jewelry, you will definitely be reminded of the green apple sour candy you love, or the cool freshness of mints!

For style tips to keep your style fresh and evergreen, check out our green jewelry style guide!

Yummy Yellow Gemstones

Feeling sweet, sour and summery? Look no further than candy colored yellow gemstone jewelry. A yellow gemstone is the perfect way to bring some sunshine to your style. Since yellow is such a bright color, it is a good idea to pair a simple outfit with yellow accessories so they don’t get overpowered.

Citrine is the perfect gemstone for jewelry that will brighten your life or someone else’s. Try a citrine ring to have a little reminder of your bright and shining personality right at your fingertips. You can never go wrong with some beautiful yellow golden gems to bring back a reminder of a sweet honey or sour lemon candy!

Learn how to style yellow jewelry in your next sparkling, sweet look.

Melt for Multicolor Jewelry

Love all of the candy and want the full rainbow in an accessory? Satisfy your sweet tooth with multicolor gemstones blended with your favortie candy colors!

With this look, you can bring sunshine and confidence to your life. Pair these bold gold and rainbow earrings with something simple, so you don’t have to worry about clashing colors. A style tip: wear your hair in a fresh and cool up-do to flaunt fabulous multicolor earrings!

With colors from passionate pink, outstanding orange and radiant red, these tangy, tart, savory, and sweet gemstones are going to be your next candy crush!

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