Published 04/08/2022 by Kyra Hensley

Ornate carvings in gold or silver capture the budding beauty of flower petals and vines. Add in some color gemstones to create a veritable garden of vibrant jewelry that is just as beautiful as a bouquet.

But what makes floral jewelry so attractive?

To many, floral jewelry is a symbol of renewal, a chance to refresh and begin again. Flowers are here one season and gone the next… but they always come back, despite the winter chill, as sweet springtime blooms that take our breath away. 

Floral jewelry has returned time and time again to popularity from vintage looks to new contemporary takes. Through every season, you’ll never run out of fresh ways to style jewelry pieces to bring new life to your outfits. 

Another element to the magic of floral jewelry is its natural and simple nature. Like how a hike can reconnect you with the natural world, floral jewelry might just be the reminder you need to recenter yourself and find a much-needed sense of tranquility. 

Rocking floral jewelry reminds you to stop and smell the roses. Because of its bohemian simplicity, floral jewelry is unassuming and yet it makes an excellent statement piece in an outfit.

So that may lead you to wonder... what are some of our very best fashion tips for styling floral jewelry?

Put Your “Petal” to the Metal

Race to read our top three tips on styling floral jewelry!

1) Flower power is great, but even better in moderation.

When you see a field of floral jewelry out there waiting to be picked, you might be tempted to put it all in one outfit. While there’s nothing wrong with flower power, why wear a complete set of flower jewelry when simply pairing floral studs with some colorful but not floral jewelry will make an even bolder statement? 

Too many flowers in your look will only take attention away from the most beautiful blossom of the bunch… YOU!

2) Let flowers take center stage by wearing neutral and natural colors.

Another great way to show off your floral jewelry is by embracing neutral tones in your outfit. Floral jewelry with gemstone accents makes a splash against black, white, and gray fabrics. Draw the eye with a bold floral gemstone pendant or a more subtle floral ring. 

If you’re sticking to all metal floral patterns in your jewelry, don’t be afraid to dazzle with color. The warmth of gold will make a warm color palette look even hotter, and cool color palettes look even cooler with silver jewelry.

3) Pair floral patterns with floral jewelry for a look that’s anything but garden variety.

Floral jewelry might be just what you need to take your outfit to the next level if you have a bold flower-patterned dress, skirt, or shirt. For example, a black sweater decorated with daisies would look great with a pair of daisy stud earrings. By doing this, you add to your flower power aesthetic without overwhelming it. 

Similar outfits with floral patterns would work with subtle jewelry pieces, like a single dogwood pendant, a bracelet with a sunflower charm, or a rose-engraved ring in rose gold. Flowers don’t need to be loud and bold to be beautiful, so keep it simple. Your wardrobe will thank you. 

Grow your look and your floral jewelry collection this season. You won’t regret this opportunity to let your style bloom.

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