Published 06/03/2022 by Kyra Hensley

If you’re looking to revolutionize the way that you approach fashion this season, look no further than all metal sterling silver jewelry.

Historically, silver jewelry has been a symbol of wealth and status but in recent years, its sleek appearance has made it a symbol of progress, creativity, and innovation. Ancient Egypt and Greece associated silver with the moon and feminine energy. Other common meanings for silver include elegance, purity, strength, clarity and focus.

Silver is beautiful, stylish, durable, and affordable. Whether you are looking for the latest jewelry trends, versatile everyday jewelry, sophisticated pieces for the office or glam looks for special occasions, you’ll find a piece of silver jewelry that speaks to you in our collection.

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Styling Silver Rings and Earrings

Ring in a new season of style with the darling combination of silver rings and earrings in your next look. 

Solid sterling silver jewelry doesn’t need much help to make a statement in your look. A pair of sterling silver earrings with bold patterns will catch people’s attention when you walk into a room. And the great thing about silver earrings is how well they pair with other silver jewelry: rings, necklaces, bracelets… you name it!

Silver rings in a stack or worn on multiple fingers creates an artistic array of motifs chock full of spirited individuality. If you have bold earrings, stick with simple silver band rings. But if you’re rocking silver studs, go all out and create a statement look, stick with one statement ring or at most, one on each hand for maximum boldness.

Spread the style and combine sterling silver rings and earrings for a unified look that sets you apart. 

Styling Silver Necklaces and Earrings

You know what else looks great with earrings? Necklaces! 

Whether you prefer a shorter choker necklace with a boat neckline or a long slip-on necklace, there are plenty of style options when it comes to sterling silver. 

Our best tip on styling silver necklaces is simple: avoid wearing silver with patterned shirts. Bold floral patterns, stripes, and swirls have their time and place, but these shirts tend to wash out silver jewelry as the backdrop. 

Another great thing about sterling silver necklaces is their amazing layering potential.

Stack up the styling potential when you include several different lengths of necklaces in one look. Trust us, you’ll be turning heads in no time. 

To achieve this daring silver style combo, minimalist silver earrings like studs or smaller hoop earrings are the perfect pairing for a statement necklace. Or if you prefer to keep your style subtle, go minimalist all the way with a sterling silver choker necklace and some light dangle earrings for a little sparkle in your step. 

Styling Silver Bracelets and Necklaces

Something else to consider styling with sterling silver necklace is a matching bracelet! Usually, you’d only want one statement piece in your wardrobe, but when your sterling silver statement pieces match… that’s a different game.

A key thing to remember with styling silver bracelets is making sure to style them with short sleeves. If you wear bracelets with long sleeves, there’s a chance that your sleeves will cover your bracelets up. Stick with short sleeves or even three-quarter sleeves with bracelets for maximum sparkle.

Chunky chains are perfect to style with low necklines while delicate chains with charms will pop against a high-necked shirt like a turtleneck or halter top.

Stack Up Silver Jewelry for One Stunning Look

Last but certainly not least of our stunning silver style suggestions is wearing three jewelry pieces in one look. When you’re going for this kind of bold style, pick one statement silver piece and match it with two pieces that are more subtle. These will accentuate the statement piece rather than cluttering up your look.

And if you’re going to go big with jewelry, remember to keep patterned blouses and dresses to a minimum. However, a patterned skirt, culottes, or palazzo pants with a solid color top and silver jewelry will make it look like you walked off the pages of a fashion magazine.

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