Published 11/17/2020 by Kyra Hensley

Simply put, inspirational jewelry is jewelry that inspires. 

The gift of inspiration is powerful... so why not wear a piece of the jewelry that motivates you to keep your eyes wide open and focused on your goals? Why not choose inspirational jewelry for those you love that reminds them to choose joy and that they can conquer any obstacle in their way?

Seems like a no brainer, right?

You really can't go wrong with inspirational jewelry. But here's a few things you'll want to know before you set out to find that perfect gift: or the ideal jewelry piece to #treatyourself.

Crosses and Angel Wings

The gift of cross necklaces is a great way to mark a religious milestone in a loved one’s life, such as confirmation or a baptism. As a symbol of faith in trying times, cross necklaces and pendants are versatile pieces of jewelry that pair well with almost any outfit. 

But if crosses aren’t your thing, try a simple angel wing charm for necklaces, bracelets or even as the pattern on a ring. Angel wings are a symbol of hope and divine care, which makes them a perfectly sweet way to inspire people to keep faith… while giving them a jewelry piece that shines just as bright as they do. 

Doves and Birds

Throughout time, birds have symbolized many positive virtues all around the world. The dove is a sign of peace and innocence, while birds as a whole can represent many great qualities, like freedom and love.

How birds interact with nature is a source of inspiration to many, which may be why it’s such a frequent motif in inspirational jewelry.

Inspire yourself and others to take flight and soar to new fashion heights with inspirational dove jewelry.



The word ‘hamsa’ means five in Arabic, making it the perfect name for this five-fingered charm that has individual meanings in many major religions. Also known as the Hand of Fatima or the Hand of Miriam, this popular symbol in inspirational jewelry is said to ward off evil and to purify your thoughts. Hamsas, for that reason, are said to be bringers of good luck and abundance. 

Sometimes, hamsot (the plural name for hamsa) will have an eye in the center of the palm, but not always. And if you wear a hamsa as a pendant, you might be surprised to know there’s a significance to how it’s oriented. Fingers pointed upward means “evil, beware” and is said to provide protection from evil. With fingers pointing downward, a hamsa indicates prosperity and goodness. Either way, the hamsa symbol has earned its place among inspirational jewelry as a jewelry piece that is spiritual and uplifting. 

Quotation Jewelry

Sure, symbols are great but sometimes when it comes to inspirational jewelry, it’s easier to use words to inspire and motivate on your jewelry.

There’s so many amazing quotes to stamp onto jewelry and wear positivity with you throughout the day. Simple phrases like “choose joy” or “hope” can recenter you and add some sunshine to your dreary Mondays. Some necklaces and bracelets have charms that represent parts of your personality that you can wear as a reminder of who you are. Bold. Kind. Brave. 

Even scripture finds its way onto bracelets and rings, allowing you to meditate on that encouragement wherever you go… and look fantastic while wearing it. 

The Gift of Inspirational Jewelry

Inspirational jewelry isn’t just for one group of people or another. There comes a time when we all need a push forward, a nudge towards motivation and self empowerment. And if you’re already the type who loves jewelry, choosing jewelry that inspires doesn’t have to be hard.

If not for you, then why not buy inspirational jewelry for those you love? Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift or you’re celebrating a major milestone like graduation, inspirational jewelry is the perfect gift.

From cross necklaces to heart pendants and everything in between, you’re sure to find a piece of jewelry that speaks to them, encouraging them to keep on keeping on. 

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