Published 08/05/2022 by Allie Mobley, Olivia Rice

Everyone has their favorite go-to outfit. It’s gotta be something that’s comfortable but still makes you look and feel like a million bucks. For us, that outfit is simply a little black dress. It’s clean, classy, and comfy. Most importantly, it goes with everything! 

With the simplicity and style of a little black dress, it allows you to accessorize and style however your heart desires! There is a little black dress and jewelry combo for every mood. 

Simple Style Can Still Stand Out

You don’t need to go over the top with your accessories to make a little black dress stand out at all if you’re more of a simple girl. A black dress looks right at home with a dainty gold jewelry combination. Pairing a little black dress with a thin gold bangle adds a striking touch, while a white diamond ring adds a hint of class and sophistication.

Our favorite part about this jewelry look is a simple pendant that ties together the entire outfit. Any dainty gold and diamond necklace can tie this look together. It can be worn to a special event or a casual lunch; it’s ideal for any occasion! You may have just found your next go-to look right here.

Captivating Colorful Jewelry

Hello, colorful jewelry! One of our favorite looks is pairing a black dress with bright, colorful pieces. Being able to add colorful jewelry to your outfit is what makes black dresses so fun. They can go with just about anything and any color! 

Do you want to feel radiant in red? Pair some beautiful red jewelry such as rubies with your little black dress. This look incorporates beautiful red and pink tones with hints of silver. How about wanting to show off your personality and be bold in blue? Try a sapphire ring. We also love to pair a colorful statement ring with a simple gold band to bring the whole look together!

Pretty in Pearls

Lastly, the jewelry look that the little black dress was made for: pearls! If you’re a pearl girl, this freshwater pearl necklace is timeless, and looks amazing when paired with a fun, colorful ring. It adds such a cute splash of color! We love the pearl jewelry look because it matches what the little black dress idea is all about: keeping it simple, classy and having versatile style!

The fun of wearing a little black dress is being able to pair it with all different types of jewelry, and any accessory you can possibly think of. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, all of these jewelry looks are winners for any black dress occasion!

Make a Sophisticated Statement

If you think that little black dress in your closet may be too simple for certain occasions, think again! There’s nothing a statement jewelry piece can’t spice up! Like the opposite of  the simple look, the statement look can take this little black dress from your closet to the red carpet. The perfect statement piece to complete this look is a collar necklace.

It is a stunning look that dresses up any outfit and steps up your fashion game. Since the necklace is so bold, we would pair it with simple earrings like some dainty drop earrings.

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