Published 07/08/2022 by Amanda Phillips

Minimalism has taken the fashion world by storm, and we’re here to guide you on how to get in on the action. But, there’s more to a minimalist look than just simple pieces and unbusy accessories. 

What is minimalism?

Though it tops the list as one of today’s most popular trends, can you say you actually know what minimalism means? 

The word minimalism wasn’t expressly popular until the 1960s, when creatives began removing metaphors and hidden meanings from their artworks in order to shift focus on white space and the materials they use.

With the break of the new millennium came a rise in popularity of the minimalism that we see now. The idea of simplicity is ages old by this point, but the reemphasis of the “less is more” lifestyle became popular with bloggers and media influencers of the 2000s. 

Today, minimalism has become an elastic concept that is generally associated with plainness and stripping away the unnecessary. 

From classic and modern looks and timeless pieces that will endure, wear the wonderful treasures of the world and express the many facets of you.

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Minimalism in Fashion 

With many people looking to save on trends that are here to stay, the minimalist style trend grew a following. Investing in jewelry pieces that won't need to be refreshed every season allows a person to have all they need at their fingertips and to spend their money on the sparkling new jewelry trends that speak to them, not just on keeping up with the Joneses. 

Minimalism also stresses on the form and fabric of clothes rather than the function of certain items. It’s associated with a Parisian look--timeless, European, sophisticated and elegant. But that doesn’t have to mean boring or colorless! The “barely there” look still includes accessories, a feature of style that occupies its own rules and trends when it comes to minimalism.

Popular Minimalist Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is the cherry on top of a carefully curated look. It’s what brings it all together with matching colors and a little sparkle in just the right places. The good news: this doesn’t have to change with minimalism! 

Not all jewelry is big and statement making, and we’re going to show you the most popular ways to include understated, delicate jewelry pieces to invest in your minimalist style routine. 

Dainty Gems

One of the biggest misconceptions about minimalist jewelry is that colorful styles are a no-go. However, adding a pop of color with dainty gemstone jewelry is the perfect way to make a statement without being too loud.  

Initial Jewelry

Initial jewelry is one of the most versatile pieces you could add to your jewelry box. Pair a small, round initial pendant with a neutral outfit for a whimsical, understated look. Pop on your initial ring to personalize everything you touch, or add a second initial to keep that someone special close wherever you go. Initial jewelry adds a touch of sentiment, personality and class to your everyday aesthetic.

Bar Necklaces

Looking for a piece with a subtle uniqueness to it? Bar necklaces enhance your look with simplicity. They come in all kinds of styles, like vertical and horizontal bars, bars with pendants or personalized bars that are stamped with something memorable, like initials or names.

Tennis Bracelets

A diamond tennis bracelet is a timeless way to elevate your whole look. They're meant to add subtle glamor and shine for a relaxed, classy-chic feel.

Wear them as a statement piece or layer them with a stylish watch or bangle.

Stacking Rings

What better way to show off your style than a ring stack?! Curate your perfect stack by mixing metals, or play it safe and stick to monochrome. Add a statement ring or a colorful gem piece to bling it up, or stay sophisticated with textured metal bands. The possibilities are endless!


Perhaps the classiest of them all, pearls are the crown jewel of minimalist stones. Exude elegance, tradition and poise with pearl earrings, or boast your strand of beautifully selected pearls on special occasions. Whatever the choice or style, pearl jewelry is sure to become a worthy investment in your minimalist jewelry collection.


We just can’t get enough of opal jewelry! Each stone offers an unbeatable uniqueness and we can’t think of a better way to accessorize. Use opal as your statement ring in a ring stack, or keep it simple with a small, round cut opal pendant or stud earrings for an everyday sparkle. 

Layered Links

Simple, trendy and effective, layered chain necklaces and bracelets give off effortless glow and are an everyday staple in minimalist fashion. Create the layered look by mixing and matching link sizes and chain lengths, like adding a chunky link necklace to a simple herringbone chain. 

Minimalism is having its moment, and it looks like it’s gonna stick around this time. Add pieces like these into your jewelry box for a versatile, put-together look and invest in your fashion future. 

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