Published 01/09/2021 by Rebecca Nichols

As one of humanity’s oldest forms of jewelry, necklaces have been a beloved accessory for thousands of years. With a history that extensive, it’s no surprise that necklaces come in many varieties. Here are the top five necklace styles that’ll take your look up a level.


Popular with both men and women, chain necklaces are a beloved staple of any jewelry collection. With over a dozen common types, there’s a chain for every purpose - many chains look stylish on their own while others are often paired with a pendant.

Gold chain necklace and bar necklace

Multi-row Necklaces

Want to get a layered look without any work?  Multi-row necklaces have you covered with perfectly coordinated rows of chains and beads on one easy clasp.


Technically a pendant is not a necklace, but rather a separate piece that can be worn with whatever chain you want as long as the pendant is large enough to fit. Coming in a vast array of unique designs, including all kinds of shapes, flowers, animals, letters and gemstones, you have near infinite options to mix and match whenever you want.

Station Necklaces

First created in the 1970’s, station necklaces have regained the spotlight with the necklace stacking trend. Evenly spaced “stations” of gemstones or beads along the length of the chain give small pops of color, perfect for wearing alone or layering with your favorite pieces.

Strand Necklaces

Stringing beads together to form a necklace may be among the oldest forms of jewelry, but that doesn’t make strand necklaces any less popular today. What’s more timeless than a string of pearls? And if pearls aren’t your thing, check out strands of stunning gemstones or beads in all your favorite colors.

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