Published 05/20/2022 by Elizabeth Benbrook

Purple jewelry is a combination of potent, passionate red and eternal, tranquil blue. The style potential is truly endless. From light, airy lilac to deep berry shades, purple conjures up images of royalty and mystical mystery. Collecting some purple gemstone jewelry is a no brainer to us, but we’ll show you all the reasons to admire what purple does for your look, the history behind purple jewelry, and the precious purple gemstones that will catch your eye time and time again.

Purple Color Symbolism

The symbolism and popularity of purple in fashion has its roots in the history of cloth dying. Tyrian purple dye, extracted from deep water shellfish, took considerable resources to create and was typically reserved for the most wealthy and elite members of society. And due to purple’s rarity in nature, cloth that was dyed purple became a luxury and status symbol of power and prestige.

This color is also associated with wisdom, bravery, peace, and honor. Incorporate purple jewelry into your look if you want to bring creative, ethereal vibes. History tells us that those who love purple are artistic and vibrant, mystics and performers, people of widely divergent interests who are drawn to the richness that the color purple represents.

Insightful and uplifting, purple gemstone jewelry has so much to offer. Keep reading to learn how to style purple gemstones in bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings… and more.


Amethyst, a gemstone long admired for its purple hue, was believed to be a stone of protection to the Ancient Egyptians who frequently wore it into battle. Amethyst reinforced purple’s association with wealth and luxury. At one time, amethyst was as rare and costly as emerald or ruby until large deposits were discovered in Brazil during the 19th century. It was then that this most regal gemstone became affordable enough for almost everyone to enjoy.

amethyst parcel


Tanzanite’s rarity and deep purple hues have earned it international acclaim. This purple gemstone has only ever been found in a mile long stretch of Tanzanian mines, hence the name… tanzanite!

Known for its pleochroic array of colors, tanzanite dazzles those who look upon it. And those who are lucky enough to have it in their gemstone collection or featured in a stunning piece of tanzanite jewelry have no choice but to acknowledge its opulence and luxurious style.

purple tanzanite gemstone
purple bamboo hoops

Purple is one of the most wearable of gemstone colors.

A cool color that plays nice with warm reds and yellows as well as complimentary colors like blue or green, purple jewelry doesn’t play favorites. Read more about how to style purple jewelry so that you and your jewelry are as regal as royalty.

1) Make purple pop with neutral tones.

Even if you like to wear neutral shades, an understated hint of color can work wonders for your wardrobe! Whether it’s the rich blueish purple of tanzanite or the lavender tones of amethyst, purple gemstone jewelry can bring a subtle introduction of color into your outfit without subtracting any poise or professionalism.

2) Bring together blue hues and purple pieces.

Amethyst jewelry works in almost every outfit but its calm, cool, and collected vibes are particularly powerful when paired with another cool color. Navy blue is a breathtaking backdrop for amethyst or light purple gemstone jewelry. Even lighter blues like turquoise and robin’s egg blue look fantastic when paired with an amethyst pendant in a silver setting.

3) Power up with purple and primary colors.

Purple jewelry also looks great when paired with bold colors. Think of red heels, yellow pencil skirts, and deep forest green dresses. These bold colors work wonderfully with purple. It’s a color that commands your attention in every season of the year. Dare to wear a deep purple ring with bright orange or red for a look that is lush with drama.

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