Published 06/24/2022 by Holly Evans

Traveling to another location is new and exciting! Each place offers something different to every individual person. And your jewelry should too! From timeless jewelry that has lived through centuries to jewelry that embodies the heart of the ocean, find those special pieces that remind you of your favorite places around the globe. And when you finally go to your dream destination, why not wear the jewelry that inspired you to pack that suitcase and see the world for yourself? 

Here's six stunning, world-wide jewelry motifs that you'll want to have... wherever life's adventures take you!

With precious metal and natural diamonds tailored to perfection, anyone can have their dream travel destination at their fingertips.

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Natural and Neutral in Norway

Even if your vacation is a staycation, jewelry from Phillip Gavriel can give you all the aesthetics, brilliance and culture of a Norwegian Holiday

Norway has one of the richest histories of any country. Known for its northern lights and history, Norway is a symbol of art. Why not dress in the richest color - gold! An elegant gold necklace or a chain link bracelet are the perfect tie in with the most perfect culture. Our featured brand, Phillip Gavriel, offers a collection of classic gold pieces

Natural and neutral are the perfect tones to match the artsy and restful country of Norway. The bright night sky pairs beautifully with gold toned jewelry. A gold chain necklace, hoop or stud earrings, and a solid gold bracelet flawlessly match together. Add in a neutral shirt over a classic pair of mom jeans or a maxi dress, and you are golden!

The Coast at Your Fingertips

Is the ocean calling your name? Follow your heart and go on a Coastal Cruise

If you plan that coastal vacation, we have the perfect jewelry suggestion for you - from gold chains with dreamy blue stones to rings with encompassing patterns. The best part about this jewelry, especially Nanis Italian Jewelry, is that the ocean can always be with you. You don’t have to miss the beach on your way home; it can be around your neck or hugging your finger. 

When on a coastal vacation, minimalistic jewelry is key. London blue topaz or aquamarine gemstones are the perfect way to add a little color that matches the environment around you. Keep it simple - a gold chain featuring a tiny hint of blue paired with blue topaz studs and a gold ring. You can couple these with a light and airy sundress or a bathing suit.

Extravagant and Exotic in Europe

Italy, France, the Netherlands… the possibilities are endless, and so are the jewelry ideas we have to match your outfits fit for a European Experience

Imagine sitting in Paris holding a fresh glass of wine - a postcard meant for a museum. You need a ring, necklace, earrings, or a bracelet to match the cool and trendy scenery! Brands such as Alberto Miliani and Mattioli are just right for this look. A classic gold look accented with black, green, brown, and other earthy colors are in-the-know right now - picture perfect!

When planning a getaway to a European destination, pack clothes and jewelry that are classy and elegant but neutral. You want your pictures to be focused on the grand monuments on the trip. Think of a black mini dress with green dangle earrings and a bold gold necklace to match. Think of a white top with skinny jeans and heels paired with subtle hoop earrings and a gold gemstone bracelet.

A tropical trip that everyone dreams of their whole life may just be a Latin American Getaway

Latin American countries have the most dreamy sunsets that gleam and shine. Photographs are a must and if you’re taking vacay pics, you need jewelry (like TANE) to go with! The ideal look is a classic silver piece, engraved with floral designs to match the indigneous variety of plants in Latin America. 

When vacationing in Latin America, you will probably go on many adventures. You could go scuba diving, tanning, swimming, or boat riding… the possibilities are endless. You want to have jewelry that withstands the tests of time but that also has a little flair. Pair a set of floral designed silver bracelets with a pair of matching earrings. Keep outfits minimal but make sure to pack a bold dress, like red or orange, for dinner time!

Valiant and Versatile on a Voyage

Set your sails and traverse the open seas on a Grand Voyage for classic jewelry that transforms your look.

A voyage traveling to a quiet bay town in New England overlooking the beautiful water is the ideal destination for someone who likes peace and quiet, a place to relax and unwind. A perfect set of pearls, whether it’s from Au Naturale, Pret Amore, or Midnight Pearl, paired with classic gold pieces embodies the spirit of this vacation. 

On a voyage, why not embrace oceanic style with pearl jewelry? Pearls are unmatched. With every outfit, you can add a pearl strand necklace with pearl studs to match. Pearls pair particularly well with formal wear. 

Outstanding and Opulent in the Old World

Become an Old World Traveler and open up a whole world of jewelry wonder!

The beauty of Europe centuries ago has left artifacts that stand for ages to come. The art of the time is unmatched and when traveling to the Old World, you will want to fit in with the vintage, artistic look.  A cross here or an angel there, jewelry representing the Old World, such as Black & Blue Jewelry and Stuhrling Original, is classical. The black, gold, and silver are the best combo to bring a blast from the past!

When wearing a historical themed piece of jewelry, you will want the rest of your outfit to be minimal. Medallion pendant necklaces, coin and signet rings, and symbolic jewelry are staples of any vintage inspired look. Neutral colors are best to keep your jewelry at the center of attention. When choosing an Old World inspired piece, the possibilities are endless. 

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