Published 05/27/2022 by Ky Hensley

Dreams do come true and diamond engagement rings make those dreams a reality. When you’re starting a future with the one you love, the traditional gift of a diamond engagement ring creates a memorable moment that you’ll cherish for years.

Diamond solitaire rings remain one of the most popular engagement ring styles. Even so, there are countless options to consider when buying the ring that will change your future. Choosing whether their ring is in white or yellow gold, or whether they prefer lab-grown diamonds over mined is one thing.

But the cut of diamond… that’s what steals the show. Learn more about the magnificence of diamond cuts in engagement rings on Jedora and bring magic to your proposal.

Made with care and a value that you will love and cherish for many years, these lab-grown diamond engagement rings will help your dreams come true.

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Engagement Ring Stone Cuts

How do you know if a diamond ring measures up to something as monumental as a proposal? The four C’s of diamonds are carat weight, clarity, color and cut and all of these define what makes a diamond dazzling. 

Gemstone shapes and cuts have changed considerably over time, allowing for more advanced and precise cutting techniques to make a splash in the fashion world. Although diamonds are never going out of style in future engagement rings, there’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye out for other cutting edge styles that you might never have seen before. 

If you want to learn the difference between round brilliant, emerald, pear, and more fabulous diamond cuts and figure out which one belongs with your bride to be, you’ve come to right place to discover and dream big. 

Round Brilliant Cut

The versatility and timelessness of round brilliant diamonds are a classic choice for engagement rings. Two thirds of all diamonds sold are cut in this fashion because of the way the light interacts with the gemstone, creating a fire and brilliance you’d love to see in an engagement ring. 

With 58 facets, the round brilliant is a stunning cut to behold… but it hasn’t always been as popular as it is today. In a study published in 1919 on how to best cut diamonds, a man named Tolkowsky proclaimed the stunning qualities of the round brilliant diamond and since then, this cut has gained admirers from all over. Its even proportions ensure that light refracts within the stone, capturing the eye of those passing by with ease. 

Emerald Stone Cut

As the name suggests, this cut was originally developed for emeralds–but it quickly became an elegant and bold choice for diamonds. With their rectangular shape and strong lines, emerald cut rings are dazzling showstoppers. A wink to the art-deco style, this cut has a timeless and storied feel. Its linear, stepping angles make your diamond appear larger and almost mirror-like. 

The emerald cut’s distinct edges are said to represent the wearer’s personal clarity and assuredness, and its rounded corners and open design symbolize an open heart. This special balance of strength and vulnerability make the emerald cut a truly meaningful choice for your engagement ring. 

Oval Cut Gemstone

Oval cut diamonds are similar to round diamonds but have a more elongated cut and create an illusion of longer and thinner fingers while looking dazzling on any type of hands. This special type of cut for diamonds is new, as it was only designed by a Russian jewelry maker in the 1950s. When cut well, oval cut diamonds can look larger than round diamonds and work best with a simple setting. 

The oval shape is said to symbolize love and lifelong commitment. The rounded shape is believed to represent the longevity of a relationship. Keep the traditional and timeless feel of a classic engagement ring while adding a touch of personality with an oval cut.

Pear Cut Stone

Pear cut diamonds are well-known for their characteristic teardrop shape, said to symbolize a wedding day’s tears of joy. This elegant style is a combination of marquise and oval cuts, perfect for a unique and timeless engagement ring. With their typical 58 facets, pear cut diamonds have a radiance that can catch any eye.

Pear cut diamonds’ shape often makes them appear larger than other cuts, so they are an affordable option for the bride who is looking to make a bold and beautiful statement. This cut’s variety in shape and size creates plenty of options for every bride-to-be!

Square Stone Cut

Square cut diamond rings are front and center with their large and dominant appearance. A square cut diamond is also referred to as a Princess diamond and is exactly as the name suggests: pure perfection - enough for royalty. A square diamond cut is classic and contemporary - one of the most popular styles of engagement rings. 

The square cut has been around for centuries, but the signature cut was refined in the 1900s. The cut typically has 50-58 facets. It is best paired with long, slender fingers because of its bold and brilliant size. This kind of engagement ring usually makes a statement and is easily recognizable. It looks best with classic looks and colors, like neutrals. 

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