Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct
Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct
Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct
Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct

Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct

| OP310
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Ethiopian opal minimum 5.00ct 16x12mm oval cabochon. The gemstone was mined in Ethiopia and cut in India.

These all natural stones are known to many as the "queen of gems". Ablaze with a kaleidoscopic range of fiery color and simply mesmerizing! Ethiopian two stones are alike!

The Stone:

What is it about opals? Perhaps the appeal lies in the fact that opals are rainbows you can hold in your hands, wear at your neckline, drop from your ears and wrap around your wrists.

Opals, with their lively colors, match everything and anything. Red, green, yellow, blue, orange, pink … opals have it all. And they love to show off.

At their most alluring, opals represent a gathering of elusive rainbows that flash, sparkle and hide in an unending dance. Almost ethereal, opals have a cool inner light that scatters from the heart of each stone — the perfect backdrop for soft splashes of blue, whispers of yellow, occasional pops of pink, green, orange and red.

What is it about opals? They are spectacular stones with haunting beauty, interior rainbows, and/or fascinating fern-like inclusions. Opals are true masterpieces from Mother Nature.

Australian opals are considered amongst the finest mined anywhere. Australia and opals are forever linked. Jewelry lovers know that, for superior quality, choose opals mined in Australia.

Australia mines more opals than any other nation in the world. And not just conventional opals — as if there is anything conventional about this beguiling stone. Currently, Lightning Ridge in Australia is the only place in the world where black opals are mined.

Black opals aren’t black at all. They have intense play of color and backgrounds that may seem black or gray. Virtually all black opals are mined at Lightning Ridge in Australia. 

It’s the perfect backdrop for the explosion of color that makes black opals so intriguing.

Dendritic opals have fern-like inclusions that will turn heads and ignite conversations. The fascinating inclusions are caused by metallic oxides and characterized by bold and/or lace-like patterns within the gem. Each creates a one-of-a-kind “picture” and becomes a one-of-a-kind gemstone treasure.

Ethiopian Welo opals are relative newcomers on the opal scene. First mined in 2008, the remote location of the mines where they are found demands hardy, artisanal miners. That means the process is painstakingly slow and difficult. Colors range from calm blues and greens to bright oranges, yellows, and dramatic reds. Experts agree that the play-of-color in Ethiopian opal is among the very best.

Oregon opals have a misty, gel-like quality and are found in an array of colors. These stones have a compelling, spirit-like beauty that is almost heavenly.

Precious fire opals have the play of color that makes opals so desirable, although it is less pronounced than in other opals. For those who love red, orange and greens, these opals are sure to fulfill your opal dreams.

The Story

It’s no wonder that opal folklore is abundant. This lovely stone has captured the attention of mankind for ... well, pretty much forever! Most folklore centers around the play-of-color opals.

Some ancient cultures believed opal could render the carrier invisible ... especially when it was wrapped in a bay leaf. Still others believed that the inner fire of opals attracts forces that bring money.

In ancient Rome, this gem symbolized love and hope. (What a pity that it later became associated with ill fortune.)

Of course, folklore isn’t factual, but it adds an interesting twist to this stone’s story.

The Savvy Shopper:  Opals are easily scratched, so be sure to store them away from your other jewelry. Don’t soak them or subject them to harsh chemicals. Dip them in warm, sudsy water, rinse and wipe dry. NOTE: Do NOT soak opals in water or any other liquid.

Product Info
Product Type
Single Gemstone
Country of Origin
Piece Count
Gemstone Species
Carat Weight
5.0 ctw
Gemstone Shape
Gemstone Dimensions
16.00mm L x 12.00mm W
Gemstone Color
Color Grade
Gemstone Composition
No Treatment
Material Composition
Origin Country

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Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct
Ethiopian Opal 16x12mm Oval Cabochon 5.00ct