Citrine Gemstones

Embody your power and authority citrine gemstones from Jedora! This November birthstone is undeniably attractive.

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Is yellow Topaz the same as Citrine

Short answer? No! Citrine is actually a variety of yellow quartz or can be crafted from purple amethyst when placed under intense heat and pressure. Though both topaz and quartz boast an array of colors, they are not made of the same minerals.

Citrine Meaning and Powers

Need a pick me up? No problem. Add a little color and joy to your life with Jedora's citrine loose gemstones. Its yellow hues are said to symbolize the spiritual qualities of happiness, prosperity, and change. Did you know citrine is also known as “Merchant's Stone”? This is because of citrine's ability to transmute energies quick and easy. Give it a try!

Where can I find Citrine

Because citrine is found all over the world, the sun never sets on these gemstones! Citrine crystals have been used in decorative pieces for thousands of years and are still used today. You can find these gems naturally in countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, Spain, and even Scotland!

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