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Diamonds are the crowning gem in any collection. Shop Jedora's selection of white and color loose diamonds today for regal gemstones fit for a queen.

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Diamonds are considered to be one of the most valuable gemstones. What other gemstone can boast of a score of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale? The brilliance and fire of a diamond makes it truly one of a kind, and worthy of having in your gemstone collection or featured in a fabulous piece of jewelry.

How are diamonds formed?

Diamonds are made of pure carbon with their molecules aligned just so, creating that oh-so beautiful diamond glow we know and love. With heat and pressure, diamonds form 140km beneath the earth's crust and are brought up to the surface by disturbances in tectonic plates.

What's the history behind diamonds?

Diamond gemstones have an illustrious history. The name diamond comes from the Greek word 'ademas' which translates to 'invincible.' Wherever diamonds have been found throughout history, the area has been flooded with people who wanted this fabulous gemstone for themselves. From India to Brazil to South Africa, the search for the diamonds, the King of Gemstones, has never ceased.

It's been said that diamonds lend the wearer creativity, clarity of mind, and the ability to manage their anger. According to that, is there anything diamonds can't do?

What colors of diamonds are available?

White diamonds are what most people think about when someone mentions diamonds but most diamonds in nature are not colorless. Color diamonds give wonderful style options to those looking to spice up their jewelry collections. Commonly known as 'fancy' diamonds, they can be almost any color.

You may hear rich browns, oranges, and yellows are referred to as champagne, cognac, or canary diamonds. Diamonds also come in red, purple, orange and green, which are the rarest colors among fancy diamonds, followed closely by blue and pink.

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