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We promise you'll love the lush green of emerald gemstones from Jedora! From necklaces to earrings, we have emerald gemstones for every budget.

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Emerald is a gemstone full of the essence of spring: vitality, energy, and renewal.

Why not keep the spirit of spring with you all year long? Emeralds never cease to share the excitement of new beginnings. And their deep green color is desired by collectors all over the world. It's not hard to imagine why!

Emeralds: A Royal Legacy

Prized in Ancient Egypt for their beauty, emeralds have a place among royalty when it comes to gemstones. It's said to give power, wealth, and eloquence to those who wear it. So it's no wonder Cleopatra was known for her collection of emeralds!

The emerald is also the gemstone of Venus, the Greek goddess of love. Those looking for a passionate spark of color other than the traditional red, look no further!

If you have a May birthday, you can count yourself lucky! Emerald is the birthstone of May and the color of truth and clarity, as well as renewal. If it's not your birthstone, that's alright! We won't stop you from getting an emerald for yourself.

With an emerald in hand, you can carry the beauty and power of spring with you wherever you go!

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