Gemological Education

Discover your passion for gemstones and learn about grading, identifying and evaluating gems and minerals with our gemological education courses.

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Expand your gemstone knowledge with Jedora's gemology books, DVDs, and more. Thinking about starting a jewelry-making hobby and want to learn more about the gemstones you'll be working with? Or maybe you're a seasoned gemstone professional who enjoys expanding your mind. Jedora has materials for everyone to learn more about gems.

Not sure where to begin? Jedora has gemstone reference materials for you to check out so you can learn the gemstone basics. Our comprehensive list covers everything from agate to zircon. We even have specialty books on the history of opals or diamonds, exotic gemstone buying guides, and precious stone identification and mineral science manuals. Don't forget to browse Jedora's DVD guides and pamphlets to help you get the most out of your gemology tools and instruments while you're working!

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