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Take your gemstone collecting to off-the-chart levels with the colorful opal, one of the most popular gemstones and the birthstone for October.

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Opal. Also known as the Light of the World. Queen of Gemstones. Empress. That's so many magnificent names for such an awe-inspiring gemstone. Its rainbow display of lights has been cherished and admired all over the world.

But you may be wondering how opal came to be the Queen of the Gemstones. We've got you covered!

Where Opal Gets Its Shine

Part of the secret of opal's magic is in its composition. It is made of silica as well as up to 20% water molecules. This quality gives the prism effect of red, yellow, blue and all the colors in between. Can you believe this isn't magic? Just pure and simple science making gorgeous gemstones come to life before your eyes!

The Greeks gave this gemstone the name “opalus” because it means “precious stone.” Clearly other cultures throughout time thought opal was precious too! Some believe that opal gemstones bring luck. To many, it is a symbol of pure intentions, truth, and hope.

October Birthdays… This one's for you!

Opal is one of the gemstones for October, alongside the lovely tourmaline. But if you've already set your heart on opal, prepare yourself for a lot of great choices. Opal comes in several different varieties, such as fire opal, black opal, water opal and more. All of them have a rainbow of colors to offer you.

Dazzling and captivating, opal gemstones are a perfect addition to your collection.

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