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No collection is complete without a spinel gemstone. Why?

Spinel gemstones are breathtaking stones. Their red, blue, purple, and pink shades really take the cake. Without some chemical impurities, these gemstones would be colorless. And although spinel is an allochromatic gemstone (aka. colorless), good luck finding colorless spinel in the wild! It's extraordinarily rare.

The History of Spinel: The Imposter Gemstone

If you've heard of spinel, you might have heard one of your friends say that it's not a real gemstone. Or that spinels are cheap imitations of “real deal” gemstones like sapphire and rubies.

Spinel has had a history of being mistaken for corundum (aka. sapphires and rubies). Royalty all over the world believed that the gems they owned were actually rubies.That is, until science came along.

The chemical structures of spinel and corundum may be different. But what people see in them… their timelessness, durability and depth of color? That hasn't changed a bit.

Its reputation as an "imposter" undermines the value of this precious gem. Unlike rubies and sapphires, spinel requires almost no treatments to give them shine. So if you really want to “go natural” with your look, spinel gemstones have got you covered.

Happy birthday, August babes!

In 2016, spinel joined the list of August birthstones. No longer are you limited to peridot green. You can switch it up and have the full spectrum of spinel gemstone colors at your disposal.

So what are you waiting for? Be a go-getter and shop our selection of spinel gemstones today!

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