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The enchanting colors of topaz is the perfect finishing touch on the jewelry piece of your dreams. Here at Jedora we have all of your topaz needs.

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With a rainbow of colors to choose from, topaz gemstones are not the kind to let a girl down.

Topaz has had its fame in the gemstone world for sometime. You know the Mohs hardness scale that everyone likes to talk about? Well, Mohs assigned topaz an eight out of ten and made topaz one of ten stones that determine every gemstone's hardness. Pretty impressive, huh? Topaz is a durable (and attractive) gemstone.

Where did topaz get its name?

The island of Topazios, now called Zabargad, was a place known for its mines and the “topaz” it produced. Why the quotation marks? Well, Ancient Greece thought they were mining topaz. Later, science realized the stones weren't topaz, but the name stuck with the gemstones we know and love today.

The origin of the name “topaz” can also be traced back to the Sanskrit words “topas” or “tapaz.” Aka. Fire. That name doesn't shock us in the slightest. Topaz gemstones do have a certain sparkle to them, shifting colors like a dancing flame.

Myths of Topaz

Some have said that authentic topaz can cut rising tension and give the owner strength. We can't prove it, but there is definitely something special about these gemstones. They've come to represent beauty, a long life, and intellect. All great things to represent, don't you agree?

November and December's Birthstone

November claims precious topaz as its birthstone. Precious topaz ranges from light oranges to bold yellow. It's a perfect stone for November birthdays who want fall's colors with them all year long.

Blue topaz belongs to December babies. The icy chill of blue topaz is full of depth and clarity, like the waters beneath a frozen pond.

Celebrate you or a loved ones' special day with the gift of a topaz gemstone from Jedora. And don't be afraid to color outside the lines and get the topaz gemstone that speaks to you.

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