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Personalize your jewelry piece with a tourmaline gemstone from Jedora. The many color varieties make it perfect for every outfit.

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A gemstone with a diverse color range, tourmaline brings the rainbow into your unique style.

The History of Tourmaline

Ancient Egyptians believed that a tourmaline traveled through a rainbow on its way to Earth. With so many diverse colors from warm to cool, tourmaline definitely isn't an easy stone to pin down. Tourmaline has been mistaken as many precious gemstones throughout its history. The stone gets its name in part from “tomamali”, a Sinhalese word that means “mixed gems” or “stone of many colors.”

Tourmaline is also a gemstone associated with many creative artists and thinkers. Said to foster creativity, many people liked to keep tourmaline on hand well into the Victorian era. Even great thinkers like Shakespeare claimed that tourmaline kept writer's block at bay. Still to this day, tourmaline is the gemstone for individuality and creativity.

How are there so many colors of tourmaline?

This precious gemstone is actually a grouping of similar minerals. They're not all identical, but do have the same general chemical and physical properties. Manganese gives tourmaline a red color, while iron gives it a greenish color. Some stones, like watermelon tourmaline, have combinations of several colors. If you're looking for diverse gemstones to collect, you'd better start with tourmaline!

Tourmaline is a 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Clean only with warm soapy water and take caution when drying. No harsh chemicals, steam or ultrasonic cleaners should be used on tourmaline.

Explore all varieties of tourmaline gemstones, like the rare Paraiba tourmaline or Rubellite. You don't have to pick a favorite! Collect all the colors of the rainbow from Jedora and prepare to dazzle anyone who sees them.

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