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Let Jedora rock your jewelry world! Whether you are a seasoned gem lover or just discovering the magical world of gemstones, Jedora has the eye-catching treasures you need to add to your collection. Jedora's buyers travel the globe to find you the best exotic and beautiful gems. So, get a piece of the world and learn its story one gem at a time!

Check out Jedora's gemstone sets and parcels to get your gem collection started if you're new to the art. If you need a little help learning the ropes of jewelry making, Jedora has gemological tools and educational resources to give you the support you need. Explore our collection of loose gemstones and jewelry settings for inspiration when designing your first jewelry piece.

If you're just looking at collecting Earth's naturally beautiful gems for casual viewing, be sure to check Jedora's collection of mineral specimens and gemstone organizers to display your favorite gemstones.

What gemstones go well together?

In the gemstone community, there are two schools of thought: aesthetically what goes well together (how the gems look) and spiritually what goes well together (what the gems mean).

For this page, we're gonna focus on the former. When coordinating your outfit, a general rule of thumb is to pick one dominant color surrounded by accent colors. As long as your dominant color isn't competing for attention against your accents, you are good to go. Your jewelry should make YOU happy, so just go with your gut when you mix and match your favorite gems.

Still need a little more guidance? Complementary colors are opposite to each other on the color wheel - so they always balance each other out. An example would be ruby gems and emerald gems (red and green) or turquoise and coral (blue and orange). Complementary colors are great for bold statements.

If you're going for a color-family-look, consider analogous colors - colors that are related to each other. These colors sit next to each other on the color wheel. Ruby and citrine (red and yellow) are a great example of the color combo in action. You could also pair emerald and sapphire (green and blue) for another example. This combo works best when you have one color as the main stone and use the other color as the accent.

Triadic, or tertiary, colors form a triangle on the color wheel. Orange topaz, amethyst, and emerald (orange, purple, and green) are great examples of this beautiful matching technique. Again, allow one color to stand out with your others acting as stunning accents to make your look stunning.

Have a passion for a particular color? Style your outfit with monochromatic colors. In other words, the colors are the same, but just different shade variations. Have a thing for blue? Combine sapphire, tanzanite, blue topaz, aquamarine, or turquoise together for a stunning blue moment. Rinse and repeat for reds, greens, yellows, pinks - you name it! Any colors that have similar shades pair well together, so you'll never go wrong with a monochromatic look. Shop your look on Jedora and check out our extensive collection of loose gemstones and gemstone jewelry.

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