Classic Jewelry Styles

Drop. Everything. Here at Jedora, we have the staple jewelry pieces every jewelry box needs.

Shop Classic Jewelry Styles from Jedora

Classic doesn't mean old-fashioned. Get a retro-chic look with Jedora's classic jewelry that will never go out of style. Great for everything from the office to a night out with the girls, these timeless pieces provide the effortless polish you need to complete any outfit.

You can't go wrong with the iconic pearl necklace and earrings for every occasion from wearing your little black dress or bringing your best to your job interview. For a little more flair, diamond (or cubic zirconia for a more affordable option) earrings and tennis bracelets can bring sparkle to anything. Pendant necklaces are a great way of adding a wow factor to your look and come in many styles, so you can choose something special to you.

Already have your own style? Great! Complete your look with the right accessories you will want to keep forever. Versatile jewelry staples like these are just what you need to pull your look together even when paired with wild pieces.

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