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With a long history of fine craftsmanship, Italian jewelry from Jedora brings sophistication and style to any outfit.

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The tradition, fine craftsmanship, and beauty of Italian jewelry sets it apart as one of a kind. Italy is well known for its quality and innovation in the world of gold jewelry, however the Vicenza region is especially known for specializing in gold jewelry with rich yellow color and superb quality.

These masterpieces of fine Italian craftsmanship have a long history beginning in 700 BCE, starting with the Etruscan civilization. Over time, braided gold jewelry has become a staple of Italian jewelry along with patterns of Celtic crosses and other religious symbols. But the defining characteristic of Italian gold is the fabulous quality of the gold itself. Modern Italian jewelry runs the gamut of bold gold chains and rings to the delicate hoops and studs that adorn ears effortlessly.

What’s the value of high-quality Italian jewelry? Well, for one, you’ll never go out of style. Channel the elegance you desire into any outfit, casual or dressy. Another great reason for Italian jewelry? High-quality gold means the jewelry is safe for those with sensitive skin. And the unique designs and originality in every piece of Italian jewelry ensures that you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re wearing it.

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