Adjustable Necklaces

Take your look from day to night in one simple step: adjusting your necklace length. Jedora has the adjustable necklace to transform your look.

Shop Adjustable Necklaces from Jedora

What is an adjustable necklace?

Show off your personality with Jedora's adjustable necklaces. Need a timeless piece that you know won't go out of style? Adjustable necklaces are here to stay! Adjust your necklace to the exact length you desire by simply moving the clasp to get the look you're going for - making them versatile for all occasions. Discover Jedora's collection of adjustable necklaces today. It's more than a necklace; it's a statement of who you are.

How to style an adjustable necklace?

Make your statement at any length when shopping Jedora's adjustable necklaces. Wearing your favorite tee, but not sure what to pair with it? Turn your adjustable necklace into a choker to give yourself a trendy look. Or if you're wearing a top with a deeper neckline, adjust your necklace to a longer length to complement the space. Jedora's adjustable necklaces allow you to choose whether you want to dress up or down with one simple piece.

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