Update your hand party with exclusive rings from Jedora! From simple to overstated, Jedora has all your ring needs.

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Looking for some statement-making style? Get a ring! Update your hand look with Jedora's gold, silver, and rose gold rings. Make bold fashion statements with empowering cocktail rings. Or go minimalist with a simple single-band ring - but don't be afraid to stack.

Jedora has hands down some of the cutest ring styles that are always en vogue. From engagement rings to just fun accessories, discover stunning rings with beautiful gemstones so you can find the one that speaks to your personality. Not sure where to start? Explore Jedora's collection of rings to see the latest trends.

Popular engagement ring styles

Solitaire ring - You'll recognize solitaire rings by their round diamond shape on a simple metal band. These are the most popular of the engagement ring styles. Why pick it? For a classic, traditional look, this is your best choice. How do you know if this is the ring for you? If the words “simple, elegant, and sophisticated” describe your personality and style, you've just found your lifelong friend!

Halo ring - Looking for something that makes a little more of a statement? Halo rings have smaller diamonds surrounding a larger center diamond in a circle of light - adding a bit of sparkle to your life. Why halo? Because you can literally light up a room with this stunning ring. If you describe your personal style as “fancy, glamorous, and captivating,” this is the ring for you.

Non-traditional - Did you know that it's a growing trend to use gemstones instead of diamonds for engagement rings? Non-traditional rings come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, cuts, and colors. If you cringe at the idea of buying into the archaic traditional engagement ring, but still want something pretty on your finger to show your love and devotion, non-traditional rings may be for you. Check out Jedora's beautiful morganite, aquamarine, and citrine rings to find a unique, quirky, and modern take on the traditional engagement ring.

Vintage ring - Want a ring with character? Vintage rings have intricate designs on dainty bands featuring antique patterns. Vintage rings are truly one of a kind, and some can't even be replicated today! If “retro, romantic, and classy” are words you would use to describe your style, vintage rings are a great choice.

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