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Passionate ruby reds for an everlasting love. Associated with passion, desire and love, Jedora has ruby pieces you can't miss out on.

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Ruby jewelry isn't the wallflower of the jewelry world. It's loud and proud, yet adds a hint of sophistication to every outfit. Whether it's a casual day or the biggest event of the year, Jedora has ruby jewelry to match with your unique style and preferences.

Known for its intensity, ruby jewelry has come to represent passion as well as love and romance. It's enchanting and draws you into the magic of its power and confidence. Its popularity as a focal gem in right hand rings is no doubt because of its strong vibes of empowerment and strength.

Styling Ruby Jewelry

Make sure you pick colors that let your ruby jewelry shine. Colors contrasting with your ruby will make an outfit too busy, and won't allow your ruby jewelry to work its magic. Try beige or darker muted green if you want some color. Try white, black, or grey if you don't. And don't worry. Let your ruby jewelry do the talking for you.

The bigger the ruby, the bigger the statement the jewelry makes.So for more casual outfits, try smaller rubies. Make sure the other jewelry compliments larger rubies without overwhelming your outfit. You spent time on that look! You shouldn't hide it behind too much busy jewelry.

And if you have a birthday in July, congratulations! Ruby is your birthstone, which means you get to claim ruby as your very own. And if you don't have a July birthday, there's sure to be someone in your life who does. Why not buy them some ruby jewelry of their own?

Bring yourself and those you love the wonderful power of ruby. Shop ruby bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and more at Jedora.

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