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Treat yourself or someone you love with the most precious and valuable of all blue gemstones. This desirable gift from Jedora is perfect for all occasions.

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People often think of blue when they think of sapphire jewelry. And not just any blue, but a color as meaningful and as deep as the ocean. Tempting, right?

But choosing sapphires is way more than choosing a deep blue gemstone. There are countless other colors to choose from. Red is the only color excluded from this rainbow party. Why? Well, sapphires and rubies are the same type of gemstone, corundum. While red belongs to the rubies, the sapphires… they take the cake for every color in between.

Styling with Sapphire Jewelry

Blue sapphire jewelry looks especially fabulous when you throw diamonds into the mix. The sparkle of diamond really draws the eye to the sapphire. And to you, obviously.

Wear blue sapphire jewelry with black, white or pale yellow to really make the sapphire pop. Remember to fit your sapphire necklace to your neckline for the best results. And as for jewelry settings, yellow and white gold are an especially great complement to any color of sapphire.

September's Birthstone

Congrats to all you September birthdays out there. With sapphire jewelry, you have the perfect way to get your party on and celebrate your special day.

Bring some sparkle into your life with sapphire jewelry! Light up the room with this fashion trend. Shop Jedora for sapphire bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

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