Published 07/29/2022 by Natalie Hatfield, Megan Engle

Calling all coffee loving queens! Has the daily grind has ground you down? If the communal coffee pot has run dry one too many times or if your barista bff has gone MIA, we’re here to help.

Fight off the caffeine come-downs and mocha-less Monday meltdowns, with some captivating coffee inspired styles. These pieces may not fight your fatigue quite the same way as our favorite mix of sugar, spice and everything nice, but they will help you channel your coffee confidence all day long.

So just sit back and sip on the stellar styles we’re serving up!

Brew-tiful Black Coffee Jewelry

If you love a dark, full flavor with a bit of a bite, this is the look for you black coffee baddies. 

To us, the black coffee aesthetic is fierce, classic and a little edgy. It falls somewhere between clean cut and rough around the edges. It incorporates our favorite staple styles but shakes it up a little with daring and distinct details.

For our main pieces, think chocolate diamonds, champagne diamonds, smoky quartz and chocolate quartz. These deep and bold browns are sure to stun, and we love how these neutral tones fit perfectly into any ensemble. We also love a good matte black metal moment. It’s just so sleek and sophisticated. 

To complement those centerpieces, try adding a touch of leather or vegan leather. This timeless treasure will play off your gemstones to create a crisp, warm, organic vibe. A simple and sharp way to work leather into your outfit is to wear a watch.

Cozy Cold Brew Jewelry

Where are our cold brew cuties at? This look is for those who want their caffeine kick without the actual kick of straight coffee. So if you’re searching for a smooth and sweet style, search no more.

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as the marvelously marbled color of a cold brew. The carmel colored clouds, sweetener swirls and milky white waves. Absolute perfection. But alas, this savory showcase of human innovation and ingeniousness never lasts. You’re always just a few sips away from sadness. 

That’s where this style steps in. We worked hard to get you as close to a permanent cold brew color collage as it gets, and this is what we’ve got. 

Amber. Citrine. Tiger eye. Ethiopian opal. These gems all dazzle and delight with an enchantingly and ethereally multicolored look. They showcase warm brown, yellow and white tones blending together in their entracing translucent structure. 

To really get those gorgeous colors glowing, pair those stones with gold or rose gold. The warm undertones in these materials will tie the moment together in such a cozy, classic way.

Refresher Remix

Okay, we know. It’s not really coffee, but we couldn’t help ourselves.

Who doesn’t love a fruity fresh refresher from time to time (or like all of the time)? They’re just irresistible. There’s caffeine, sugar, fruit and the brightest, boldest colors you’ve ever seen in a cup.

So, if you’re wanting to put some pep in your step and style, but you can’t get down with classic coffee culture, these refreshing ideas are for you.

With so many beautifully bright refresher flavors out there, you can go just about any direction with this idea. We’re especially loving colorful and clear stones, like amethyst, colored diamonds, opals and sapphires.

These gems give you so much glam and glow. Their vibrant colors and clarity are the visual equivalent of that midafternoon refresher rush. We just can’t get enough.

You can round out this style with crystal and beaded pieces. These playful touches will help you keep things light and airy.

However you jumpstart your day and whatever your poison of choice, we can all unite as caffeine fiends. Take pride in your pour and show off your uniquely you style with these coffee inspired styles. 

Cheers to you and your coffee companions!

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