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Green with envy over how pretty your best friend's emerald jewelry is? We're here to tell you that you don't have to be!

Jedora offers an assortment of emerald jewelry, from subtle earrings to bold bracelets. You won't have to worry about the fear of missing out on the confidence and beauty that emeralds have to offer.

The Lasting Effects of Emerald

Emerald is said to promise renewal and a fresh start. Several cultures believed emeralds gave wearers influence and the ability to speak well. Sounds like the perfect thing for the first day on the job? Or what about a first date?

Speaking of relationships, emeralds were the gemstone of the Greek goddess of love. Without relying on a bouquet of roses, tell that special someone you love them with an emerald necklace or ring. The gift of emerald jewelry gives the ones you love the royal treatment they deserve.

May's Birthstone

If you have a May birthday, you can claim the emerald as your birthstone. Lucky you!

Said to provide clarity and insight throughout history, emeralds are the perfect addition to any outfit. And did you know that jewelers used to look at emeralds to rest their eyes? Well, with the calming color of green working its magic, they might be onto something!

What matches well with emerald?

There's so many options for outfits when wearing emeralds. The most popular combo might be neutral black, white, or grey with an emerald pendant or ring. The emerald is a pop of color against a simple, elegant dress. Which ensures that you (and your jewelry) are at the focus of every event.

Matching reds, especially deep dark reds like maroon, is another great option. Complimentary colors on the color wheel, the combination will make your emeralds shine. Try something different with a blue outfit. Deep blues will give your outfit a tranquil nature feel with its soothing cool colors.

Avoid wearing colors that clash with the setting (like gold and silver). Also stay away from shades of red that border on the orange side of the spectrum. Remember the color wheel? The green of an emerald will not pair well with orange.

Just some friendly advice to keep you looking classy. Keep on being fabulous. *wink*

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