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A queen like you should have opal jewelry in your life, since it is known as the queen of gemstones for its spectacular play of color and rainbow of hues.

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Opal jewelry has an element of mystery to it. And it's the kind of mystery that you can't look away from, no matter how hard you try.

Looking into opal is like looking into a pool of dancing rainbow lights. So it's no wonder it's known as the Queen of Gemstones. With every color represented, opal jewelry is sure to match with almost anything you wear.

Sounds pretty special, right? Well, it's not just you. The iridescent shine of opal jewelry has been coveted by many for centuries. So why not introduce opal jewelry into your next party outfit? Or with that formal wear that needs a pop of color (more like, all the colors) added to it?

Tips for styling with opal jewelry

Opal jewelry represents almost every color of the rainbow. So if you pair opal with sapphire, you bring out the blue in your opal. Pair any colored gemstone with opal and you'll get a delicious color combo that matches your unique style.

Take caution with wearing opal jewelry. It can scratch if you aren't careful. Also, never submerge your opal jewelry in water. Since the stones are porous, it can damage them. Instead, clean with a damp cloth.

October Birthstone

Some say that opal jewelry only brings luck if worn by those with October birthdays. We don't know about that being true, but we do know that opal is the official birthstone for October.

If you have a birthday in October, treat yourself to some lovely opal jewelry. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earringsā€¦ and, as luck would have it, in a variety of styles and settings. You're sure to find something that helps you express yourself to the world.

Know a Libra or Scorpio in your life with a special day coming soon? Why not give them some opal jewelry to celebrate? Spread the luck. Celebrate with the rainbow shine of opal jewelry.

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