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Jedora's gold jewelry is full of simple details that we simply can't get enough of. From yellow gold to white gold, we have styles you cannot live without.

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It'd be redundant to say that gold jewelry from Jedora is as good as gold. But we'll say it anyway.

After all, there's just something special about gold jewelry. Gold is an excellent way to add a flash of color and style to your look. The whole world wants a piece for themselves. And we're not just talking about yellow gold jewelry! White gold and rose gold are also great options for your gold jewelry needs.

So what's the best type of gold jewelry for you? Well, only you know for sure, but we've got some tips and tricks for you that will help you strut your stuff and “bling” it on.

Styling Gold Jewelry

Yellow gold jewelry is a very traditional jewelry metal. But just because it's been around doesn't mean it's out of date. If anything, yellow gold jewelry is rising in popularity. Yellow gold jewelry is especially dazzling with warmer skin tones. We don't think you'll have too much trouble finding the pair of earrings, bracelet, ring, or necklace of your dreams. A classic metal for gemstone settings, it looks dazzling with dark red and blue gems.

Rose gold jewelry is a metal that works well with warm or cool skin tones. With pink morganite or white diamonds, rose gold can add a feminine flair to your look. Rose gold looks great in an engagement ring, adding a pinch of pink to a time honored tradition.

White gold jewelry shines brighter than silver. With its unique mixture and rhodium coat, white gold jewelry is durable. Cool skin tones match well with jewelry of this metal type. The cool tones of the white gold helps gemstones like sapphire and peridot shine even brighter.

It's not an easy choice, of course… but who says you have to pick one? We won't stop you from getting the jewelry that makes you look and feel your best. Shop gold jewelry from Jedora today in yellow, rose, or white gold!

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