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Looking for something fun, bright, and irresistible? Cocktail rings are a fab focal point that is sure to capture your heart - obviously.

The night is finally here. You've spent weeks finding the perfect dress. You broke in those glamorously painful shoes. Dropped some serious dough on that mani-pedi. And now, you need the ultimate statement piece that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. But what? A cocktail ring, of course!

Show off your style with Jedora's collection of vibrant cocktail rings. Choose anything from traditional diamonds to multicolored gemstones - white diamonds, champagne diamonds, chrome diopside, morganite, and more! Don't be afraid, be the life of the party.

Why is it called a cocktail ring?

The 1920s were roaring with fashion - and that's where our beloved cocktail ring was born. During Prohibition, cocktail rings were often seen on the hands of women drinking illicit beverages at speakeasies. Cocktail rings were a lavish status symbol, and many women wore them to show that they were financially independent. Bold and vibrant, the cocktail ring was given its name for the association to illegal drinks and female independence.

Can you wear a cocktail ring every day?

Cocktail rings are often kept for special occasions, so people don't usually wear them every day. Cocktail rings are worn on the right hand, so they don't get confused for an engagement or wedding ring.

But we don't make the rules. If your lifestyle calls for a bit of extravagance, feel free to wear your cocktail ring as much as you'd like. The choice is up to you!

How do you style a cocktail ring?

Cocktail rings are bold and unique, so make sure it matches the occasion. With large diamonds and colorful gemstones, cocktail rings are best suited for formal events. Match your cocktail ring with a beautiful cocktail dress if you're going out to complete your dazzling look.

Jedora offers a wide range of cocktail rings, and though most are for formal events, we do offer more casual cocktail rings to wear with your favorite outfit. Discover our collection of cocktail rings on Jedora's website today!

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