Band Rings

Whether you stack it or let it stand alone, Jedora's band rings are a show stopper.

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What is a band ring?

Not every band ring is meant for a wedding day! Band rings are a reflection of who you are and can be a year-round everyday wear piece. A band ring is an endless circle that typically doesn't feature any gemstones, making it the perfect accessory for layering with your ring favorites! Shop your accessory booster on Jedora to find beautiful band rings in alluring metals with classical finishes.

Different types of band rings

Band rings come in various looks so you can find the one that best fits your individual style. Jedora's band rings come in solid metal or mixed metal options - including gold, silver, copper, rose gold, and more! Choose from sizes anywhere between 2 mm to 12 mm or wider. Jedora's band rings can lay flat on your finger or have a dome shape to give you more dimension. Shop the look on Jedora today!

How to wear a band ring

Wear your band ring year-round. Band rings can be worn on any finger and are great if you want something that can stand alone or be stacked! If you want to stack your band ring consider placing it between your favorite cluster rings or with that stunning solitaire ring you've been dreaming about wearing. Place your band ring on your pinky next to your favorite cocktail ring to add a little more character. We know band rings aren't just for the "I do's," but will you say yes to this simple and effortless style?

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