Published 09/07/2022 by Kyra Hensley

Learn more  about the David Gross Group, one of Jedora’s partners in sharing high-end, luxury jewelry featuring dazzling color gemstones. 

On Jedora, there is a marketplace of fabulous luxury jewelry waiting to be explored and incorporated into your unique style. Today, we’re going to be featuring an in-depth look at one of our many stores on Jedora, led by designer David Gross. 

Who is David Gross? 

David Gross grew up in the New York City diamond district. The third generation of his family to take up the diamond trade, David Gross started as an apprentice and worked his way up, establishing the David Gross Group in 2013. 

The Gross family has built a reputation for honesty, integrity, and the finest quality. They have supplied reputable jewelers such as Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston and Van Cleef & Arpels. With David Gross’s uncompromising eye for quality, his goal is to share his passion for color gemstones with the world. 

What does the David Gross Group aspire to do for its clients? 

David Gross emphasizes that each gemstone has a unique personality and he applies rigorous design critiques, working to explore the character and story of each spectacular gemstone. This attention to detail along with the finest craftsmanship and elegant, award-winning design is what allows David and his team to produce the jewelry that excels and speaks to customers. 

The David Gross Group has partnered with Jedora to sell their luxury gemstone jewelry but they operate out of a private showroom in Manhattan. They offer personalized luxury services, services usually reserved for only celebrity clients, for everyone. Their one-on-one consultations help people create the jewelry of their dreams with gemstones and jewelry designs of exceptional value and importance. 

Q: What is your favorite gemstone to work with? 

A: The favorite stone that I like to work with, I have to say, is sapphire. Really, that’s a very tough question for me, because I enjoy ruby and spinel as well, and many of the other specimens out there. But sapphire is definitely the one that I see the most in all the colors. Blue, green, yellow sapphires… there’s even reddish sapphires, pink, purple. And all these colors, I resonate with that product the most.

Q: What is a ring style that the David Gross Group excels at?

We do extremely well with the modified Princess Diana type look. Actually, the Princess Diana ring, she wore that in two different styles. One was with rounds around the center stone and one was with ovals around the center stone. So I’ve taken this oval concept and tried to see if we could work it with other stones as well.

And I’ve found I want them to do something a little bit more unique. I found a parcel of VE, VVS old miner cushions and we had a very very special Sri Lankan no-heat sapphire and we decided to put it into production with those old miner cushions and the end product came out really, really special and you’re one of the first people to actually see it.

Q: What influences your decisions on which color gemstones deserve to be featured in the jewelry you design? 

The colored stone industry traditionally focused mostly on color saturation, the brilliance of the stone, origin… Those were the three main categories. But what I’ve found in most companies in the world were not most focused on the cut and clarity of the stones. And it made sense not to be as interested in that because the color, a lot of times, gets affected immensely by having a well cut stone… 

What I’ve found is when you put those points together, that means you focus to a certain extent on the cut and the clarity as well, you get a product that is superb. 

Q: What is your process for designing luxury jewelry unlike any other?

Every single one of the stones that we put into production is extremely rare. Even from the better product that exists, it’s literally one out of, maybe, five thousand stones that can pass the quality control that we set. The item has to talk to me. It has to exude brilliance. It has to be something special. 

On top of that, I’m trying to look afterwards to how do we enhance this stone? Many times, what we’ll do is… I’m going to sit down and think. We’ll take a 3D scan of the stone and analyze it from all angles. Even if we’re making the actual ring by hand, we’ll make a CAD just to get a feeling of what would work well. Then, I actually sit down and pick different diamonds and put it next to the stone and see how it looks. 

I’ve found that actually seeing how the light return works and understanding the angles that the stones will be set in makes a very big difference in how it’s going to look at the end. So if you have those characteristics together and you get the right products together, it’s something that’s really, really spectacular. 

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