Published 06/17/2022 by Chloe Freeman

Celebrate the 4th of July with a sparkling collection of red, white and blue gemstones!

Let freedom ring as you learn more about the radiant ruby, dazzling diamond and sensational sapphire. You’ll shine as bright as any firework in the sky while rocking gorgeous jewelry featuring these patriotic gemstones.

Red ruby ring

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Rock Red Rubies

Rubies burn with the color of enormous emotions–red! Ruby’s name comes from the Latin word for red, ruber.

Red’s association has spanned from love, joy, energy and desire to anger, fury and defiance. The passion of the color red is part of what makes red roses such a popular way to express love. With meanings ranging from a gentle love to an enraged passion, no other color is as versatile.

Rubies are pulling double-duty this 4th of July as both a shining symbol of independence and the birthstone of July. These gems make perfect presents for those All-American July birthdays!

These tried and true treasures are fantastic for frequent wear. Rubies have a Mohs hardness of 9, making them one of the strongest gemstones. In 1960, the world’s first laser actually used a ruby and gave lasers their familiar red glow.

Jedora isn’t the first to revere rubies. Ancient Hindus called them ratnaraj, meaning “King of Gems,” and some cultures believed that rubies held the power of life. We’re living for these remarkable gemstones and the fabulous fashion statement they can make!

Bright White Diamonds

Though diamonds come in a rainbow of colors, we are wild about white diamonds for Independence Day!

White has traditionally been associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness and peace, which is why many brides wear white. Queen Victoria’s white wedding dress in 1840 is often credited with the modern craze for white gowns, so you can always rock royal in white. Some may say to avoid white after Labor Day, but we know you’ll look victorious year-round!

Diamonds have been known as the “King of Gemstones.” They have been linked to everlasting love, power and health – even the word “diamond” signifies power! “Diamond” comes from the Ancient Greek “adamas,” which means indestructible or invincible. They’re one of the hardest naturally occurring materials – and the most scratch resistant. With a Mohs hardness of 10, diamonds have successfully been used on the edge of saws to make them more durable.

Talk about a perfect choice for your everyday jewelry!

Brilliant Blue Sapphires

Be bold and blu-tiful in blue sapphires this summer!

With a Mohs hardness of 9, you can wear these beauties way more than once in a blue moon. These gems are September’s breathtaking birthstone, so you can celebrate that September someone in style.

Did you know that sapphires come in a variety of colors – all except red? Red gemstones with the same makeup as sapphire are called rubies. All sapphires are beautiful, but we’re falling for these oceanic blues.

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Blue has traditionally been associated with relaxation, freedom and justice. Regardless of shade, blues build feelings of serenity and loyalty from sea to shining sea. Have you ever asked why the sky is blue? Ancient Persians had an interesting answer. They believed that the earth was balanced on a sapphire, and its reflection made the sky blue.

Many rulers and historical figures have worn sapphires, believing that the gems inspired divinity and protection. Princess Diana’s engagement ring contained a true blue sapphire that no one could forget. Channel your inner princess with these brilliant blues!

O Say Can You See These Styles

Show up in style with these red, white and blue gemstones. Mix and match colored gems for a full patriotic look. If you’re feeling bold, you better go big or go home!

If minimalism is more your style, make the most with one marvelous gem. Add a sapphire to a red and white ensemble to be festive and fabulous.

Pair rubies with a white dress for a simple and chic look, but if you’re looking for an elegant and easy choice, you can never go wrong with white diamonds.

Whether you’re rocking red, white or blue, you’re sure to be a sparkler this Independence Day. Cue the fireworks!

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