Published 06/10/2022 by Megan Engle, Holly Evans, Chloe Freeman, and Amanda Phillips

As the days get hotter and hotter, it’s fitting we follow suit. This summer, step up your style with a step back in time. With these rad retro looks, be brave, bold, and be-you-tiful.

From stunning statement hoops to bubbly beaded bracelets, we’re just obsessed with these nostalgic looks, and we know you’d rock them. We’re going big with all things bright, chunky and shiny. Whether you were an eighties diva, nineties star or Y2K girl, there’s sure to be something fierce in our collection that's perfect for your style.

Brighten up your jewelry box and your day with handcrafted lucite and 14K gold plated sterling silver jewelry, bridging the gap between fine and fashion jewelry.

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Bold, Neon, Colorful Hoops

After a forty year hiatus, 80s fashion is back, bigger and better than ever before, and we’re giving everyone a second chance to get in on the fun. The rise of the mom jean, return of bold patterns, and reintroduction of playful accessories have dominated trends in the last few years, so why stop there? Welcome to your guide to rocking retro hoops. 

Big and chunky, bright and neon, lucite and enamel -- the list is endless when it comes to your typical 80s and 90s hoop earrings. Though they may look intimidating and out of reach for some styles and aesthetics, there’s a hoop for everyone. 

For the preppy dresser, try a bold, yellow gold look. It’s a chic, timeless piece that is sure to become a wardrobe staple right away.

If it’s the glam of the 80s that catches your eye, there are plenty of shiny, colorful combinations to suit your fancy. If you don’t know your style yet, don’t fear! There are several hoops that fit the trend but let you experiment within your comfort zone, like clear enamel hoops with minimalist pops of color that give off a casual yet loose elegance.

Zodiac Necklaces and Rings

Want a piece of jewelry that captures the essence who you are? A zodiac ring or necklace is the perfect way to show the different phases of you, like the sun and moon.

The best part about this stunning jewelry is that it can be worn with literally everything - casual or formal! It pairs with a dressy black top or a pair of jeans. Zodiac jewelry isn’t tailored to just any metal or gemstone. Styles can range from gold chains to diamond studded rings. 

Zodiac signs are the way in which the sun, moon, and planets are aligned in different months. They are said to be a representation of personality and character, tailored to each person based on their birthday. Whether you’re one with the air, wind, earth, or water, share a little piece of yourself! 

Beaded Bracelets

What was your bracelet of choice during the 90s? We remember a big one – power beads. Girls everywhere were rocking a bold beaded look and stacking bracelets to make a statement. 

Some of these 90s goddesses believed that their crystal choice could channel energies and increase characteristics, leading to the name “power beads.” While these bold bracelets aren’t guaranteed to boost your IQ or make you calmer, they’re sure to spice up your style and channel 90s nostalgia.

Modernize this blast from the past with the picturesque pastels of a mixed bead bracelet, or layer your beaded bracelets to maximize your look and achieve that true 90s style. No matter how you wear your bracelet, you’re sure to look fly and fabulous everywhere you go.

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