Published 04/22/2022 by Elizabeth Benbrook

What kind of watch wearer are you? 

Many people these days are the proud owners of a smartwatch, technology that enables them to comfortably stay connected wherever they go. Or you might be one of many to opt for athletic watches, designed for durability during a workout or to accommodate an active lifestyle. 

While both watch styles have their time and place, there’s something to be said for the value of luxury watches with high-end designs.  

After all, a large social gathering is no place to wear an athletic watch, no matter how modern and sleek it is. And while smartwatches are convenient, a fashionable luxury watch does the important business of telling time while you are immersed in the moment—no connectivity required—and gives you the style boost that only high-end designer watches can. 

Here’s our take on why luxury watches should be a part of every person’s fashion repertoire.

Going to an event without a watch? A thing of the past.

When you’re going out with friends for dinner, an interview, or a gala, let’s face it… you’re more likely to ditch your watch than worry if it matches your outfit. 

Who wants to worry about whether your athletic watch matches or clashes with your attire? And if you leave your watch at home, you sacrifice the convenience of gracefully glancing down at your wrist and not losing track of your time.  

Not so with luxury watches. With a metal watchband that might as well be a beautifully bold bracelet or a subtle leather watchband that seamlessly blends, don’t worry about leaving your timepiece at home. Try a quartz watch for effortless style in any attire. 

Choosing a watch that matches your unique style is like finding that perfect pair of shoes. It effortlessly fits into any look, keeping you on top of the time and on your fashion game. 

With luxury watches, there’s no need to compromise on comfort.

What is the point of watch that isn’t comfortable to wear?

Whether it’s a band that cinches too tight or restricts your movement, you deserve a watch that gives you the freedom you deserve while providing you with the iconic stylings you crave. 

The primary difference between men’s and women’s watches is their sizing. Women’s watches tend to have smaller faces than men’s watches, allowing them to fit securely on wrists, more like an ornate cuff bracelet than a heavy timepiece.

Luckily for you, there are countless luxury watches on Jedora that will create a comfortable and fashionable fit in your next fashion ensemble. 

Carefully crafted, high-end watches are made to last a lifetime.

An investment in a luxury watch should not be a snap decision. After all, high-end watches aren’t here one day and gone tomorrow. They’re built to be a long-lasting friend to your style, supporting you and giving you the confidence boost you need to thrive through life’s challenges. 

While sports watches are built to withstand extreme conditions, you’ll be looking for a different kind of durability from a luxury watch. After all, just like you wouldn’t dare wear your running watch to a gala, wearing a luxury gold watch on a diving trip… not a great idea. When we say durability in terms of luxury timepieces, we’re talking about the ability of the watch to last through the day-to-day grind of life from formal events to a coffee date with a friend.

Luxury watches, if given the care and attention they deserve, can last you twenty years… or longer!  If that’s not an investment worth making, we don’t know what is. 

Find a watch that keep on shining… time and time again.

The final factor you must consider when looking at owning a luxury watch? Its timelessness. 

Pun intended.

When looking at other watches, you might consider utility first and foremost. Can this sports watch persevere through my morning workouts? Can this smartwatch help me stay connected when my phone is out of reach? Can I use it while walking the dog or while driving? 

All these questions are valuable, but luxury watches unlock a whole new set of questions to ask yourself. 

What does my watch say about who I am? Do I want a chronograph watch or an automatic watch? Do I prefer the sleek style of silver or platinum pieces, or the confidence of classic gold? Am I more likely to style my look to be simple and stunning? 

More than tools and more than technology that comes and goes, luxury watches are all about the aesthetics of you! 

One glance at your wrist is all you need to be reminded of exactly who you are. Confident. Professional. Fashionable. And most importantly, everything that makes you unique. Capture your style with the durability and comfort and confidence of high-end watches and shop Jedora today!

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