Gemological Tools

The right tools make all the difference and our wide selection of gemological tools can help you in your study and identification of gemstones.

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Have some gemstones in your collection, but you aren't entirely sure of their identification or classification? Jedora has professional-grade gemological tools and instruments for you to learn more about your gems first hand. Types of gemological tools include:

  • Microscopes: Used to ensure precise stone setting, engraving and more.
  • Refractometers: Used to help with classification and quality control.
  • Polariscopes (sometimes called polarimeters): Used to test the optical properties of gemstones and minerals.
  • Spectroscopes: Used to analyze how and how much light passes through stones.
  • Carat scales: Used to weigh and classify.
  • Gold and platinum testers: To identify karat value and gold percentage.

Want to learn more about your gemstones? Check out Jedora's learning library for tips and tricks about gemstone identification and get fun knowledge about the history and geography of each gem.

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