Oval Gemstones

It's your perfect opportunity to find oval gemstones from Jedora in a variety of colors and sizes.

Shop Oval Gemstones from Jedora

Add some variety and versatility into your collection with oval gemstones from Jedora! The popular and original oval gemstone features a modified round cut with an elongated length-to-width ratio and a streamlined sophisticated elegance.

Oval gemstones are very suitable for jewelry and make an ideal center stone for engagement rings or as solitaires in a traditional setting. Oval shaped gems offer a luxurious look and timeless versatility to necklaces, earrings, and rings from every day to formal wear.

The oval gemstone shape also makes the wearer’s hand appear slimmer. Plus, since the oval shaped cut contains no sharp corners, the stone runs less risk of chipping.

Don't worry about going over the top with oval gemstones from Jedora.

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