Quartz Gemstones

Add the finishing touch to the jewelry piece you are creating with a quartz gemstone from Jedora.

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Cover all the colors of the rainbow when you buy quartz gemstones from Jedora.

Diverse Gemstones For All

No need to worry out about running out of types of quartz to choose from. Rock crystal quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz… even the well-loved gemstones like amethyst and citrine are a part of the quartz family. Who knew?

Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth. Not only that, but quartz can be found on every continent. Pretty cool, right? And quartz isn't just for dressing up an outfit. Quartz crystals are frequently used in electronics as well, like watches and radios, making quartz more than just a pretty gemstone.

Looking to add to the collection? Or need some quartz for creating jewelry for a new look? Whatever you have in mind, Jedora has got your back. Take a look for yourself. See what Jedora has to offer and find the quartz gemstone that's truly you.

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