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Fall in love with Jedora's collection of May birthstone jewelry featuring the rich green coloring of Emerald.

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May's birthstone, the emerald, will have your friends green with envy. If these green beauties have caught your eye, check out Jedora's collection of emerald birthstone rings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Considered one of the Big 4 precious gemstones along with diamonds, rubies and sapphires, these gems are highly prized because of their rich color and beauty. Emeralds are often associated with growth and new beginnings, which makes it a perfect birthstone for spring and fresh starts.

Wondering how to style May birthstone jewelry?

The medium-to-dark green hues of emeralds flatter every hair and eye color, skin tone and clothing style. For a springtime look perfect for May, try pairing emeralds with earthy tones, warm reds or purples. For evening wear, this green gem also looks great with dark blues and neutrals.

Wondering how to care for emerald jewelry?

Emerald is a good birthstone for everyday jewelry at 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, but it is brittle when hit or in extreme temperatures. Always remove your jewelry while exercising, swimming, bathing, or using harsh chemicals. Wash emerald jewelry with warm water, a mild soap or jewelry cleaner, and a soft cloth. Almost all emeralds are treated with special oil to enhance their beauty and stability, so you should never use chemical or ultrasonic cleaning methods on emerald jewelry. Store emeralds separate from other jewelry in a soft cloth or pouch and away from direct sunlight to protect from discoloration.

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