Published 09/23/2020 by Kyra Hensley

1. It’s hard to avoid purple prose when talking about awesome amethyst, the primary birthstone for February.

It’s true. Amethyst only comes in purple, but don’t worry about that breaking up your February birthday style. You’ve got so many choices when it comes to color. With lighter and darker purples in amethyst's range, you have complete control of your style. No sweat!

Bold and bright, grape colored amethyst is pure purple, exactly what you’d expect from THE purple gemstone. But depending on mineral interactions, amethyst can have a reddish-tint intermingled with the purple, creating a wine-like coloration that radiates poise and elegance. 

Strong colors aren’t your thing? Try lavender amethyst, with a hint of purple. Without being too abrasive, lavender amethyst is the perfect accent to any outfit. It might not be the first thing people notice, but it sure won’t be the last. 

2. Ametrine is a dazzling bi-color combination of purple amethyst and yellow citrine.

Amethyst and citrine are both a part of the quartz family. And while it isn’t common that these two lovely gems can form side by side, it’s not completely impossible. That’s how we get the beautiful bi-color gemstone, known as ametrine!

Take the beginning of amethyst and the end of citrine, and that’s how the name for ametrine was born. Pretty creative, right? This gemstone isn’t specifically a birthstone for February, but we think it’s worth mentioning. The bold color combo of ametrine isn’t something you see every day, for sure.

3. Empress of Uruguay is a sight to behold. Want to know more about this magical amethyst formation?

To this day, the largest amethyst formation is the impressive Empress of Uruguay. While this giant amethyst geode was discovered in northern Uruguay, she now lives in the Crystal Caves in Australia. 

Transporting this geode was a tremendous feat. The Empress of Uruguay weighs over 5,000 pounds and is almost eleven feet tall! It took several months to extract it from the rock surrounding it, and more time to deliver it safely to the museum where it now rests. The amethyst crystals inside are brilliantly purple and continue to stun visitors who come to see it from around the world. 

4. Saint Valentine and Leonardo Da Vinci both agree… the February birthstone is a gem worth wearing and admiring.

You’ve heard both of these names before, I’m sure. Saint Valentine is known for popularizing Valentine’s day, but did you know that he’s also known for wearing an amethyst ring? Amethyst is actually a popular stone amongst clergy, but it’s Saint Valentine who gets the recognition for wearing one. The stone matches well with his virtues of love and gentleness to all. Who knew? 

Leonardo Da Vinci is a famous Renaissance thinker who actually wrote down speculations of what properties amethyst might have. He believed that this February birthstone might have the ability to clear resentful and negative thoughts from the mind. If that sounds good, stay tuned because it gets better. Clearing these thoughts out leaves room for you to think quickly and clearly, heightening your intelligence. 

We consider this man to be wise and intelligent… maybe he had an amethyst in his life, helping him along? 

Amethyst Ring

5. According to Greek mythology, there’s a story for how amethyst came to be (and it’s not what you’d expect).

When you come across something as magical as amethyst, you figure there must be an equally magical tale behind it. While it is true that there’s a myth behind this beguiling birthstone for February, it’s not the happiest of tales. It’s an interesting take on the origins that you’ve likely never heard. 

A gorgeous nymph named Amethystos (sounds familiar?) caught the attention of Dionysus, god of wine and revelry. Although she wasn’t interested in him, he pursued her desperately. While she was on the run from him, she prayed to the goddess of chastity, Artemis, to be protected from the god’s advances. Artemis answered Amethystos’s prayer…  by turning her into a statue of quartz. 

Yep, you read that right! And when Dionysus found her in this state, he mourned his lost love by pouring wine over the quartz, giving Amethystos a purple tint. 

It’s a strange story, to be sure. But you’ve got to give them credit for the creativity behind February’s most popular birthstone. 

6. Legend says amethyst helps you keep a level head - even while you're drunk! But we don’t recommend trying it.

On top of having myths written about amethyst, there’s also more to how this gemstone got its name. One of the supposed properties of amethyst is preventing people from getting drunk. We do not recommend trying this at home, but ancient Greeks and Romans would drink wine from amethyst goblets or drop amethyst gems into drinks. These purple gems would supposedly keep you from acting like a fool, even when you wanted to keep on partying. 

Now, there’s no science behind that at all, but the word amethyst translates to “not drunk” in Greek, so this tale remains. 

Other cultures believed that amethyst could hold back other physical appetites as well. For this reason, it became a popular gift to young men and women who were unmarried, helping them avoid certain temptations. 

Amethyst is a stone that inspires the clarity, courage, and confidence needed to get projects, tasks, chores, and assignments done on time. Hey, we know it’s not always easy. But if amethyst can do all it’s been said to do through history, it’s worth considering, right?  

7. Amethyst is said to have healing and calming properties… perfect for giving you the burst of zen to get you through the day.

Between work, school, kids, or whatever you have going on, everyone needs a little breather to help clear your mind. But sometimes, you just don’t have the time to sit down and meditate on your thoughts. That’s where amethyst can come in. 

Your body goes through a lot of wear and tear throughout the day, both physically and mentally. Many people believe that amethyst can bring mental clarity, promote calmness and help you distinguish between rational and irrational thought. If you need to strengthen your immune system, cure insomnia, ease tension,  heal bruises or several other things, amethyst is said to help cure many physical issues as well. We’re not saying that amethyst is an end-all-be-all, but it's certainly worth giving it a shot. Who knows, you might be surprised? 

8. Moonstone and black onyx are alternative February birthstones, for fashionistas who like to think outside the box.

Not an amethyst fan? We won’t hold it against you. There’s two other birthstones for February that would look just as spectacular. 

Black onyx is sophisticated, edgy and complex… that’s a lot for one gemstone to be, but black onyx is versatile like that. Moonstone, on the other hand, is a white gemstone that harnesses the spirit of the rainbow. Want a pop of color to pull together an outfit? Moonstone has got you covered. And if you want to try something new, why not pair these two alternative birthstones together for a bold yet elegant look. 

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Happy birthday, February birthday babes! Hopefully we didn’t ruin the surprise that you or someone you love might be getting amethyst birthstone jewelry for their next birthday. Whether you’re looking for rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, we won't let you down. With classic styles alongside the wild and the zany, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. You just might not know it until you see it for yourself!

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