Pear Gemstones

Pick out the perfect pear shaped gemstone in a plethora of colors and sizes from Jedora.

Shop Pear Gemstones from Jedora

Combining the classic round cut and the dramatic marquise cut, pear shaped gemstones are the perfect fusion of shapes. Pear shaped gems look like a pretty teardrop with one rounded end and a tapered end that comes to a point

Pear-shaped gemstones are cut to have the maximum radiance with 58 facets so they will sparkle and shine, just like you!

If you want to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, the pear shaped gem is perfect for you. This stone showcases the wearer's elegance, individuality, and style with beauty and brilliance.

For a dramatic design with a perfectly polished look, pick out pear shaped gemstones at Jedora.

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