Published 11/17/2020 by Bethany Milsom

Two and Three-Stone Rings: What Are They?

Did you know that two-stone and three-stone rings are both popular engagement ring options? Each has a unique style, meaning and personality. Explore the difference between a two-stone and three-stone ring and decide which one speaks to you!

Two-Stone Rings

What’s a Two-Stone Ring?

Everyone knows what a three-stone ring is, but what’s a two-stone ring, and why should you consider one? Two-stone rings are as simple as they sound - it’s a ring with two stones. Two-stone rings can represent the circle of life, your relationship or something unique to you. Often, people believe that the two gemstones set in one band represent two people being united as one, which is why two-stone rings are popular engagement rings.  

What Do Two-Stone Rings Symbolize

Two-stone rings symbolize not only the love a husband and wife share but their friendship as well. Love and friendship are the two most important elements of marriage, after all. For this reason, two-stone rings are sometimes called “Forever Us” rings. Cute!

The History of Two-Stone Rings

In the late 19th century through the early 20th century, two-stone rings became a popular design for engagement rings because they symbolize two souls becoming one. But the two-stone ring journey didn’t start there!

Flashback to the year 1776 - yes, a significant year for the United States, but for two-stone rings as well. Soon-to-be emperor of France, Napoleon, was merely a 26-year-old soldier during this time and didn’t have much money. But he did have love (awww). He marched himself up to the local jewelry store and, with his small salary, bought his beloved Josephine an engagement ring - a two-stone engagement ring!

The ring featured two pear-shaped stones, each under a carat. One white diamond and one blue diamond. The style was called the “Toi et Moi” or “You and Me” for those who don’t know french. On Josephine’s 250th birthday anniversary, the ring was put on auction. The estimated price? A comfortable $20,000. What it actually sold for? Try a whopping $1 million USD!

Two-Stone Ring Styles To Consider

When you pick out your two-stone ring, you have to remember that it will be your daily reminder of the bond you share. So make sure you pick a style that best represents you and your relationship. Two-stone rings actually come in a variety of styles to meet your unique preference and personality. Here are some styles you should definitely consider! 

  • Accented Two-Stone
  • Classic Two-Stone
  • Halo Style Two-Stone

Three-Stone Rings

Emerald three-stone ring

What is a Three-Stone Ring?

What’s the magic behind three-stone rings? They tell your story through the stunning three gems featured on the band of the ring! Three-stone rings make a statement and are a trendy option for your engagement ring. Though three-stone rings have been around since the Victorian Era, they are the newest to the engagement ring game.

Three-stone rings are sometimes called ‘trinity rings’ or ‘trilogy rings.’ This style features three diamonds set horizontally in a row together.

What Do Three-Stone Rings Symbolize?

Three-stone rings are a popular engagement ring choice because they symbolize the past, present and future of the couple's relationship. Picture that you're proposing to your partner. What better way to propose than having a ring that reflects where you've been together, the bond you have now and the love you promise to always have in the future? Explaining this during your proposal with the three-stone ring would be super romantic and unique to your relationship because it's all about your story. Sometimes the middle stone is slightly larger than the other two to remind you to always live in the present.

Others believe that the three stones represent friendship, love and loyalty. But for a deeper, more personal meaning to your three-stone ring, you and your partner can assign your own meaning to the three stones. 

Three-Stone Ring Styles to Consider

Three-stone rings actually come in a variety of styles, so you can find the one that speaks to you. Different styles feature different stone cuts - the most popular cuts for three-stone rings being princess and round. Other cuts to consider for your three-stone ring are emerald shape, oval, asscher and marquise. If you want to feel royal, Meghan Markle's beautiful three-stone engagement ring features the cushion cut shape, which is now trendy.

A good rule of thumb when picking out your stones? Traditionally, you want to make sure each stone is the same shape so that they blend well together. However, if you don't want your stones to look too uniform, you can opt to have the middle stone slightly larger than the surrounding stones. This breaks up the ring design and reminds you to live in the present.

If you are considering a three-stone ring for your engagement ring, the design pairs perfectly with wedding bands. If you plan on pairing your engagement and wedding ring together, make sure you pick a three-stone ring style that doesn't have the stones extending beyond the band.

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