Published 11/12/2020 by Megan Williams

With the help of the internet, you can access almost anything right from your fingertips. The same is true when it comes to measuring your ring size. Whether you’re treating yourself just because or buying a ring for that special someone, we have three no-fail ways for you to measure your ring size at home.

U.S. ring sizes are determined by a scale of numbers and half numbers, usually between sizes 3 and 13.5 for adults. Each ring size matches the width of your finger in millimeters. Women’s rings are usually between 3 and 9, but men’s rings are sized between 8 and 14. 

Measure Your Ring Size Using a String or Strip of Paper

Download Ring Size Chart
string, tooth floss, paper

Cut a piece of string or paper strip at least 3 inches.

string around finger

Wrap it around your finger at the base of the knuckle.

pencil to mark paper around finger

Using a pen, mark where the two ends overlap.

string and marked paper next to ruler

Lay the string flat and use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters.

Use the chart to find the ring size that corresponds with your measurements.

woman holding ring

How To Measure a Ring You Already Own

Keep reading to learn more about how to measure a ring! After all, if you already have one that fits like a dream, why not make sure every other ring in your collection is just as comfortable?

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Option 1

Measure the inside diameter of the ring by taking your ruler and measuring across the ring.
Take the millimeter measurement and match the ring sizing range.

measuring inside diameter of ring
Flower Ring

Use Our Printable Ring Sizer!

Print Ring Sizer

Step 1

Print out the ring sizer from


Step 2

Cut out the strip and cut a slit along the dotted line.

cutting out ring sizer

Step 3

Wrap the ring sizer, numbers facing outward, in a circle and slide the smaller end through the slit.

ring sizer

Step 4

Slip the paper band onto your finger and pull the tab until it fits snugly. 

ring sizer around finger

Step 5

The number that shows up next to the arrow is your ring size.

ring size showing through ring sizer

Ring Sizing Tips:

  • Measure your ring size in the morning when your body is cool. This way, swelling won’t affect the measurement. 
  • Make sure you measure the finger you are going to wear your ring on. 
  • A wider band means a tighter fit. Consider allowing some wiggle room.
  • Larger knuckles can make sizing a little bit tricky. Find a ring size that will allow you to easily slip the ring over your knuckles but isn’t loose enough to fall off. 

We know you’re excited to show off your ring bling! Whether you are treating yourself or buying for someone you love, our ring sizing tips will make sure that ring fits perfectly.

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