Published 09/10/2022 by Kyra Hensley

Maybe you’ve been on the hunt for that perfect gold jewelry, and as you search, you hear the phrase ‘Italian gold’ more and more. You might wonder… what is Italian gold? How does it differ from other gold jewelry? What gives Italian gold jewelry its value?

All of these are great questions and answering them before you click “Add to Cart” will give you the assurance you need to shop luxurious Italian gold jewelry with confidence. 

What is the difference between gold jewelry and Italian gold jewelry?

The difference between the makeup of gold jewelry and Italian gold jewelry comes down to three primary factors: purity, color and the time-honored techniques of Italian jewelers. 


Italian gold jewelry is created with the highest purity gold available.

14k and 18k gold jewelry has a higher percentage of gold than jewelry pieces that are 10k, which in turn makes it more valuable. Since pure gold is incredibly malleable, gold jewelry has to be mixed with other metals to make it durable enough to adorn your finger or form that fabulous necklace chain. 

18k gold jewelry is 75% gold and 25% alloy, which gives it the rich, luxury tone that Italian gold prides itself on. Also, if you have an allergy to alloys, 18k gold jewelry is a hypoallergenic option.

14k gold jewelry is 58% gold and the remaining percentage is alloy. While it still has the recognizable gold tone we know and love, 14k gold jewelry is more durable than 18k, making it perfectly suited for everyday wear. 


Another factor with Italian gold jewelry is the richness of the yellow color that defines gold.

This lavish yellow gold tone is due to the purity of the metal. So if you’re a gal who likes bold and classic gold tones, going with Italian gold jewelry will bring a little more golden sunshine into your collection.

Time-honored Techniques

Not only does it have exceptional quality, but the techniques Italian jewelers have refined over hundreds of years makes their jewelry shine. 

The versatility of Italian gold jewelry is that it can be breathtaking with or without gemstones. Whether intricate and ornate or bold and simple, gold jewelry from Italy embodies prestige and luxury and represents the highest quality and stunning elegance. 


Italian Gold Jewelry at Jedora

Alberto Milani

Alberto Milani is from Milano, the fashion capital of Italy, and he hopes to honor his Italian legacy with the luxury and quality of the Gold Expressions project. 

Marketed as “a love affair with Italy,” the Alberto Milani brand is all about integrating Italian artisanal jewelry into contemporary America. Inspired by Italian life and endeavors, his aim is to capture the simple and universal qualities that can be overlooked in jewelry with stunning 14k Italian gold. 


Founded in 1964, Chimento has become one of the finest Italian jewelry companies. Adriano Chimento began the brand in a small workshop in Vicenza. Ever since, the brand has “continued to push the boundaries of design in terms of lightness, volume, embellishment and construction.” The second generation of the Chimento family have continued to cement Chimento as one of the most recognized names in the Italian fine jewelry landscape. 

As a jewelry brand that prides itself on its 18k gold and high-quality diamonds, Chimento says that their jewelry is perfect for women who can recognize the superior quality of an Italian gold jewelry piece and who look for unique  pieces to customize their own style. 

Nanis Italian Jewelry

Nanis Italian Jewelry began in 1990 by Laura and her husband, Piero. Their story, as described by themself, is  “a tale made of passion, of special people, of beauty. It is the story of a dream: to give new life to the jewel, rewriting it not only from the aesthetic point of view but also in its deep soul.”

Laura is a tireless traveler who wants to conceive a new idea of woman: free, contemporary and classy. She advocates that “the time had already come for the jewel to start adapting to the woman, and no longer the other way around.” Craftsmanship is also at the heart of Nanis, and this expert experience and talent is showcased in their collections: the famed “Transformista” collection as well as the breathtaking blues of the “Azure” collection.

How to Buy Italian Gold Jewelry

1. Consider where and how often you’ll wear this piece. 

Are you looking for gold jewelry that will allow you to glow in gold every day of the week? Or are you looking for that gold statement piece that demands just the right amount of attention? 

We recommend sticking with 14k Italian gold jewelry for everyday wear, so you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of day-to-day life tarnishing your style.

However, if you’re committed to the glow of 18 karat luxury, just  put on your Italian gold jewelry after you apply your makeup or spritz on perfume. And you can’t go wrong with keeping a polishing cloth on hand for a quick clean after you wear it. 

2. Find classic styles that can stand the test of time.

Italian jewelry making techniques have stood the test of time. Their jewelry marries the tradition of Italian jewelry making with the modern and contemporary looks that make a splash on the fashion scene. 

When shopping for Italian gold jewelry, you can find both all-metal jewelry and gemstone jewelry styles perfectly suited for your unique look. All-metal jewelry is a great place to start if you’re not sure what gemstone jewelry will complement your look, because the neutrality of all-metal jewelry helps it accentuate any outfit without any effort.

Italian gold jewelry with gemstones takes luxury to the next level. Warm gemstones like ruby, citrine, and yellow sapphire accentuate the warmth of yellow Italian gold jewelry while cool gemstones like emerald, sapphire, and tanzanite have a stunning contrast that allows the high-quality metal and gemstone to shine to their brightest potential. 

3. Buy Italian gold with a rich history that you can take pride in. 

Italy is a place that concerns itself with beauty in its architecture and fashion and high in quality with its fine dining and wine. That’s why “made in Italy” carries much weight when you’re considering buying gold jewelry. Along with their perfected jewelry making techniques, Italian gold jewelry comes with prestige and a rich history that you can take pride in.

The sense of beauty, refined taste and strong values of spending time with family and enjoying the beauty that life has to offer… These qualities set Italian gold jewelry apart from other gold jewelry you will find. And while these qualities may not be as visible as the purity or the craftsmanship of the Italian gold jewelry you purchase, they are just as important. 

Knowing the story of your jewelry contributes to its value. And with so much value offered by the rich history of Italian gold jewelry, you’ll have style and confidence so effortlessly that the fashionable streets of Italy won’t be so far away. 

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